Sneak Peek : Travel Reports on Android!

(Simon B) #1

Huge amount of :sparkling_heart:to @zancler for sharing this on Dribbble

As we strive to close the feature gap that has existed between our iOS and Android apps, that means addressing some big features (like Targets, which will finally come to Android with the revamp of our Spending section) and also some smaller features that may not be life-changing, but all add up to the overall delightful user experience that we strive for.

One of those things is Travel Reports, and so I’m happy to share with you this sneak peek of how they’ll look when they roll out soon to Android :grinning:

Let us know what you think! :grinning:

Keep the daily amount visible
(Ben Green) #2

Looks good, apart from the duplicate wording

We won’t charge you any fees when spending with your card with your card in shops, restaurants or online.

(Simon B) #3

Good spot! We’ll get that fixed before it goes live!

(Kolok) #4

Great but can we also get a map of our spending in the uk?


Looking good!

One small thought: the way my brain is wired means that I tend to only understand currency amounts when it’s GBP to local currency, rather than the other way around (so €1.12 to the pound rather than 88p to the euro or whatever).

Perhaps a toggle here to flip the conversion? Or just standardise on one way of doing it (it’s currency to the pound on the transaction screen).

But looking forward to this. Where to go to test it?!

(Adam) #6

I like it. Will there be mapping in the UK?

(Carl Barrett) #7

I agree. I don’t care what €10 is in £, I want to know what £10 is in €.

(Joseph Brown) #8

This makes sense ^^

(Andrew Schofield) #9

This copy:

is potentially confusing. It’s possibly clearer to say:

(Frank) #10

It would be great to create trips or events so you can tag transactions and then get the same feature view that you do from an overseas trip. So you can then cover a night out or a centre Parcs trip.

(Anthony) #11

I agree that a toggle might help. I am on the other conversion side; I read €10 pizza on a menu, and think ok that’s a little less than £9. When you’re reading a menu, youre converting euros to pounds, so it makes sense to me to think like this.

We are all different after all!


We are indeed!

Thinking back on it, I see the logic for presenting it this way - just as you say, you’re converting local currency into GDP. But in my mind, I think “ah €1.30 is a good rate, €1.01 isn’t so much”, whereas 80p or 90p to the € makes me stop and think which one’s better (more or less a personal failing there!)

Personally, I’d quite like a persistent entry in the transaction screen (or somewhere else easily accessible) to see trip details including the current MasterCard rate… Toggleable (sic) of course! :wink:

(Jon Wilkins) #13

+1 for supporting both GBP:Local ad Local:GBP. I always think of it as GBP to Local, like Peter_G, but I’m sure others would think the other way around. If a toggle, can you remember which way around the user selected and use the same way the next time etc,.

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