Thoughts on in app display of definitely lost/stolen card

Gobbling up all Monzo cards to wipe out the competition :joy:


I thought about using a different Barclays ATM today, outside the branch this time, but again the card slot looked oddly shaped as if to trap my hot coral rectangle of goodness!

My wallet was stolen Friday. Had various cards including BA Amex and Monzo.

Amex experience:

  • has to call to report card stolen
  • immediately cancelled
  • could still use via Apple Pay

Monzo experience:

  • used app to freeze card immediately
  • got notifications when thief tried to use card (but was declined) - oddly comforting to know
  • can’t use online or via Apple Pay when frozen and don’t have new card yet

My suggestion for Monzo:

  • keep freezing feature - it’s great
  • when reporting lost/stolen card, immediately issue new card details online for use online and via Apple Pay
  • might be nicer experience with multi-card support where old card is still available in case you find it and new card is instantly usable in all but physical card use cases

I believe Revolut and/or Starling make it easy to get a new card number online for the same account.


The ability to freeze your physical card, but continue to use Apple/Google Pay has already been suggested. You can vote for it here:

But would that apply to the gap waiting for a new card?

I had declared the card lost, but can Monzo distinguish sufficiently to still use it on Google Pay?

It should still apply if you’re waiting for a new card since Monzo are able to tell if you’re using Google/Apple Pay.

I think the best solution would be to remove the ability to defrost your physical card if you report it stolen - which is probably what I would have reported it as in your ATM situation.

Since a lost card could still be found, it makes sense to let it be defrosted and used again even if a new card is on the way.


Yes, agree

My partner joined Monzo a year after me and she was able to use Google Pay before receiving the card (which was pretty impressive as she was using it the same day she joined!) as that was a new feature in the intervening period

This welcome innovation has resulted in a lack of symmetry with the replacement card flow though

Could the new card not be added to Google Pay in place of the old one while I wait for the new card in physical form, I wonder aloud