Keep Google/Apple Pay card working even with the Monzo debit card blocked


Just a thought, imagine you lose your wallet and you need to freeze the hot coral card but then realise that Google Pay/Apple Pay also stops working!

Before anyone says about virtual cards, yes I am aware of this and that there’s an additional fee to it. And yes, guys I am aware if your phone is nicked this adds a risk of security as well.

But Nationwide bank do this right where you freeze the debit card but mobile payments can continue to work, even if the physical card is disabled. This is also good if only your wallet is nicked, imagine you only have one bank account and cannot take contactless payments.

Any thoughts on this? I do really like Monzo as a bank (still using it as my main account today, and don’t plan to merge anyrhing over anytime soon), sometimes other banks do things a bit better, Nationwide in this case.

Any thoughts? :wink:


I’m personally not a fan.

Fraudster finds card or gets card details, somehow adds to Apple or Google pay. You block card, fraudster can still milk account via digital wallet.


Fair enough here, this is different.

That would be yes, a very different scanario.

I’m talking just a regulsr user gets his/her wallet nicked and relies on their device for contactless payments.

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That’s a nice idea. It’s useful to differentiate between the case where you lose your physical card, and the very different case where you’ve been the victim of online fraud. And if you can keep the virtual card in your Apple/Google wallet, then it’s a lot less disruptive as you can keep on using that until your physical card arrives.

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not possible as you still need to authorise the card added to apple/google pay so it unlikely that would happened


Yeah, just an idea though.

Nationwide do this so, it’s possible


If it was an instance where your debit card details had been compromised, then I don’t think mobile payments is the best in this instance. Best to use Monzo Plus virtual cards for this instance.

If the card is lost or nicked, then this is a good idea but I don’t it’ll be implemented anytime soon.

sorry i was talking about what duncang said about someone finding your card and adding it somehow to apple/google pay which is not possible as you need to authenticate it in order for it to be added, but i do know you can still use your card even when it’s frozen or being replaced with nationwide as i bank with them as well


I did not say that…


I mean in theory they could, if they knew everything about your current account and we’re able pass the security when phoning support and pretending to be you.

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Starling also do.


Well thinking more about this.

Card stolen, but when you replace the card or report it lost/stolen, your Apple or Google pay should generally update to the new card details automatically so you won’t even need to mess about with freezing, report lost, and just carry on with your day.

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Good suggestion.

It can’t be that much of a risk because, as we know, Nationwide and Starling both offer it.

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Had no clue Starling did this.

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I didn’t even think this happens. Had no clue on this.

If I replace a card at work it replaces it automatically in Apple Pay, or they can add it to Apple Pay right away without need of the physical.

Fairly sure this happens with majority of banks.


With Starling, there is either an overall card lock, or you can lock individual functions – like card present, mobile wallet, online or ATM – whilst keeping others working.

So when you lose your card, you lock card present, online and ATM, and keep mobile wallet unlocked.


Cool feature I must say :blush:

I hope this is the case fir future reference

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Wow, Monzo really need to implement that, too. Such good usability.

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