Freeze card 💳 but still use Apple or Android Pay

It’s great to be able to freeze card, but I see nationwide have just introduced this feature just like other banks are following in Monzo foot steps - but what I did like is it still leaves Apple / Android pay active. So if you’ve only misplaced your fiscal card :credit_card: you can still spend worry free.

Agreed, I really want this feature! Pretty sure you have the ability to do this on Starling ie. lock your card but continue to use Apple/Google Pay freely.


This feature has already been suggested. You can vote for it here:

Really hope they implement this one soon.

and with nationwide whenever you replace your physical card it will automatically update your android/Apple pay info as well which is great I don’t know if monzo does that


I fully support this idea. I actually raised it quite a while ago, but more as a question than an actual idea: If you freeze your card, will Apple Pay continue working?

I hope your raising it now will help get it the support it needs :+1: