Stolen card still active!


This is the second time this has happened and this time it’s been escalated to a specialist to investigate.

I reported my card stolen, received the replacement but then transactions were still going through on the stolen card.

Now that it’s the second time this has happened I’ve moved my money over to my old bank and I’m considering switching back. It just seems with Monzo (at least in my experience using Monzo), there’s always ‘something’ and I end up being inconvenienced.

I wish I had something positive to say with my experience and the super-friendly, quick chat is a great asset but for me it doesn’t go beyond chatting to someone super-friendly. It just appears their hands are tied most of the time with what they can actually help with and it’s reached a point where I worry sometimes when I go to open the app!

Wow that sounds bizarre. When cards are replaced I thought they were frozen :confused:

I bet @Rika would enjoy digging through this to find out what has gone wrong! :smiley:


Did you freeze the card in the app?

What exactly did support say

I froze the card, reported it stolen, received the new card and activated it. I’ve had the new replacement card for 3 days.

iTunes were trying to charge £2.49 and £2.79 to my old card daily for a couple of weeks but I’d moved my money out of my account so they weren’t going through. Now on my new card with money in my account they’ve gone through and Monzo specialists are saying iTunes have my new card details and that’s why they’ve gone through.

I haven’t even opened iTunes, let alone updated my card details with them.

In “Profile > Settings > Monzo Labs”, do you have the" Share Card Replacements" option enabled?



So this is the cause would you say?

Almost likely. Apple’s system may have received the message from Mastercard about the new details, and replaced the old card details with the new. I know this isn’t a massive consolation to have found the solution, but I imagine if you speak to the Customer Support team they may be able to reverse the transactions and solve the issue.

I wasn’t sure how well this feature would work. Well it seems!

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I don’t mind in this case, so long as someone doesn’t find the card and start using it!

Thanks for your help guys! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for figuring that out @Termy :hot_coral_heart:

Sorry about the trouble and worry @Dannster!


In the event that they try to use your old card details now, it won’t work at all, and if they add it to an online account it won’t automatically add the new card now, it doesn’t work like that. :smiley: Glad to be of assistance! (Does boost my confidence a bit, as I’ve actually applied for a COps role at Monzo!)

@BethS You’re very welcome! :heart:


I thought the “Share Card Replacements” wouldn’t activate when the old card is reported stolen, rather than it being just lost or damaged. :thinking:

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I don’t see a reason why it shouldn’t

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There are flags that are included in the message, but the onus iirc is on merchants to honour the flags and/or decide what happens.

Really? Well, since it’s not clear:
Method seemingly currently happening for all card replacements:

  1. Thief enters stolen card details into iTunes
  2. Card reported stolen
  3. iTunes gets the new card details
  4. Thief can still use the card

The real method should be:

  1. Thief enters stolen card details into iTunes
  2. Card reported stolen
  3. Thief can’t use the card any more and doesn’t get the new details

When you request a new card, Monzo prompts for why. “Damaged” should pass new card details along to merchants that support it. “Stolen” definitely shouldn’t.


This. I’m amazed it’s been configured to work any other way :open_mouth:


But would it work if the original card details had not already been authorised?

This was an attempt to draw on an old authortisation rather than create a new one

There’s another aspect of the payments system that applies here too. Payment authorisations remain valid even once the card that they were created against was cancelled, meaning if you have a payment authorisation set-up with apple – which you very likely do for monthly charges – they will be able to continue to charge you regardless of your cards cancellation and regardless of your opt-in to new detail sharing. I think in this specific incidence it doesn’t apply but it’s worth considering if you ever experience charges you didn’t expect from merchants you’ve used before.

Do you mean direct debits or standing orders?

Once the card is frozen/ cancelled you won’t be able to use that card anymore (even if previously authorised) surely?

However, Direct Debits will still work as they aren’t tied to the payment card but the account number and sort-code of the individual bank account.