Thomas Cook refund and my account switch

Hello! So I’m in the process of a current account switchover and now everything has happened with Thomas cook. I am entitled to a refund when it’s time but until then I’m unsure as to: claiming a refund through ATOL you need to provide proof of the card used to pay.
Now that I’ve switched over will this be a problem when filling out the details? Or should it just be transferred anyway? Thanks for any help :blush:

I don’t think it will be a problem, they will likely ask for proof of payment ( you old bank statement probably) and where you want to be refunded to, if they do send the money to your old account because that’s what it says on your bank statement, then don’t worry it will get redirected to your account.


As @kolok said, as you CASS out they set up a redirect for a few years so no need to worry.

I think it’s 3 years

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Is this true when it’s a card though? You cant CASS recurring card payments as the card stops working (That’s my understanding of the reason why)

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I thought I read when I did it that any money returned (or sent) to the account would be redirected.

I’m not sure tbh, i know people have asked if card refunds will go through but i dont think anyone reported back if they did

I’m also not sure but I would guess ATOL won’t be doing credit card refunds,

Probably bank transfer or cheque I would assume, does anyone know?

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When I worked in a bank, returned funds (they didn’t know where to send) were placed in a holding account for people to come back and claim (with relevant ID and proof of the old account). If it’s CASS I’d assume they would transfer it automatically, if not then it’s pretty easy to go claim it back from past experience.


From the CAA website it implies that it’s a bank transfer.

Also says this

We can either refund everyone who pays or we can refund another person or company of your choice.

So there’s definitely no issue of putting your monzo details instead.


Thank you for the help! I’m sure I’ll have no problem; I think I will call them once the claims start being placed just to make sure :smile:


According to a Tweet I saw earlier they should start opening up on the 30th so keep an eye out :slightly_smiling_face:

If it’s a bank transfer it’ll redirect

If it’s a card payment refund then your old bank will need to process the payment forward :ok_hand: