card refund to old account after switch

I’m due a few card refunds (one company said they’re using visa fast payment, and have already processed it) into my old barclays account, I used the CASS service, will they move over to monzo? if so how long will that take?

Refunds take up to 7 days generally with any bank/merchant.

As for moving Barclays to monzo it should be near instant but give a few days.


hi thanks for this, they’ve said the amount is already in my old account and given me a tracing number for the payment but it’s not yet in my monzo - monzo telling me to contact barclays! my account with barclays is closed

When your CASS finishes, your balance and any funds sent to your Barclays account will move over to your Monzo account.

I switched about three weeks ago. my old account is closed, there’s just £500 odd floating about somewhere that monzo say isn’t their problem even though i used the CASS service


If it doesn’t show up in a few days or so, just raise a complaint and then wait for them to spring into action. It may take longer with it been CASS

Monzo is responsible to forward any accidental old account deposits to you under CASS guarantee.

When such payments happened to me, old bank waited for them to settle (can be like 7 days), and then used Bacs to forward them (another 3 days). If it has been more than 10 business days, meaning two calendar weeks I would contact Monzo support requesting to honor CASS guarantee wrt accidental deposits to an old account.

It is not Barclays responsibility under CASS.

If you have plus/premium request interest on the amount awaiting.


Okay thank you! I’ll give it another day or so, as it will
have been 14 days then, and go from there! I did phone barclays who were very helpful and told me
they can see the amount sitting in my closed account or what not and they’re just waiting for monzo to initiate the transfer, so will give it a few more days