Refund to old bank after switching to Monzo

So I switched my bank account- debit and credit card to Monzo. Half my refund for my cancelled holiday has sent to the old credit card- will this automatically come to my Monzo account?

Monzo doesn’t offer a credit card.

If you purchased on your debit card that you’ve moved to Monzo, the refund will come to your Monzo account.

the account I have closed was a current account with a debit and credit card both attached- will the credit card have closed as well when I switched to Monzo?

No it wouldn’t have. Credit cards don’t form a part of the CASS service. Only current accounts do.

Okay, great thank you!

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You may have had a Credit Card with the same bank as held your Current Account but I’ve never heard of one being ‘attached’ to a Current Account. So your CA might have moved tomMonzo but I’d bet that the Credit Card account is still where it’s always been if you haven’t actively closed it.

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I’m aware that one of Nationwide’s credit cards is provided on the basis of an existing current account. Their “Member” credit card, I believe.

Membership includes Mortgage holders (with or without current accounts) but I see what you mean about the implied dependency there.

I’ve always wondered if these things get revoked when you current account switch away. Same with linked savers.

Yes. When I closed a Flexaccount some time back, the credit card went with it.

I’ve since reopened as backup. I was (despite this being off-topic, probably) pleasantly surprised at the total lack of drama or friction (dramatic friction?) associated with reinstating both facilities - even down to retaining my customer number.


I had a B account ages ago and you automatically have a Savings Account attached to the Current Account. I CASSed it into Monzo as I didn’t use it and many months later B sent a letter stating they were converting my savings account into a Yorkshire Bank savings account as I didn’t have a B Current Account anymore. I obviously didn’t realise they wouldn’t close it so I still have it somewhere I think.

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