Thomas cook direct debit

Helli, I had a holiday booked with thomas cook and have cancelled the direct debit. I am atol protected and am trying to get proof of paymemt to claim the money back. The atol form says I must have a letter from my bank with both the sender and recievers sort code and account number with details of the payments on as proof. On my bank statement it only shows my bank details so its not accepted as proof. Ive tried to use the monzo chat to ask for a letter with details above but after 2 hours got a single message saying it would be escalated to a payment advisor but this was last night and I havent heard anything all day and had no more responses on the chat even though ive replied twice. I cant seem to ask a new question so am stuck. What can I do please?

They all went to the same company though?
The only think I’d of thought they need is the direct debit reference on your transaction feed.
I didn’t realise you could start claiming these yet?

An exported statement (covering the period when the payments to Thomas Cook were made) from the Monzo app is all that is needed here and all that you’d get from another bank.

To get it;

  • First you’ll need to find which month(s) the payments(s) to Thomas Cook were made. Then;
  • From the ‘Home’ feed, drag the transactions down to reveal the card and the blue ‘pill’ at the top centre will also appear - tap on that to get to ‘Account Details’
  • Tap on ‘Statement history’ and then tap on the required periods - download PDF copies which can be sent to ATOL or printed and included with claim documentation