What to do if you're affected by the Thomas Cook collapse

We know this is a worrying situation for a lot of people using Monzo, especially anyone currently abroad, so here’s what you can do to get home safely, and get your money back:


hwoliday company ???

Any hotel-owners should be compensation via ATOL, so holidaymakers shouldn’t be asked to cover any owed money themselves.

So if you’ve got both flights and a hotel book ‘ed’ , you should be able to get your money back.

are you not proof reading these blog posts ?


More errors :eyes:

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Thanks both, totally my bad here. I wrote the post and didn’t take the time to do a proof read for mistakes.


quite happy if you want to remove my post/s @cookywook now its been updated - you put out the message to help others not to be marked upon it




What’s the deal if you’re flight only, paid using a Credit Card and being shipped home by the CAA?

Can you still claim via CC?

I’m more than happy just to get home via CAA, but this quandary doesn’t appear to be covered in any ‘what to do’ situations…

What are you claiming? If the CAA are now repatriating then you’re getting home


I think that situation is analogous to a rail replacement bus. You’ve paid to get home, you’re getting home (even if not by the original means), so no refund. In the same way that taking a rail replacement bus doesn’t mean you get your rail tickle refunded.


This is what I assumed, but wasn’t 100% clear

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I want a rail tickle refund though! :crazy_face:


Never proof your own work anyway, always a mistake.

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Here is to you guys :clinking_glasses:, because you never sent an email with typos :sweat_smile:

I don’t, I have spell check. :sunglasses:

That’ll teach me to try and quickly post a reply during a rare quiet moment at work. :speak_no_evil:

On the other hand, I think it clearly makes me highly qualified for writing Monzo blog posts. Maybe I should appy for the job :grin::man_technologist:t2:

I’m curious about something. Mostly all of the larger banks will be crediting accounts following chargebacks for people immediately or within a short time frame for those who aren’t otherwise protected. These banks can obviously afford to take the financial hit until the time they actually get the money back.

How does Monzo deal with these cases? I’m just curious as there may not be any money they’re able to get back from them if the money simply isn’t there. The big banks will just take the hit as the refund is already provided, but will Monzo? And will Monzo be providing refunds prior to receiving money back through the Mastercard chargeback scheme?

I’m wondering if this is a downside to banking with a smaller bank.

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There’s an extensive help article in the app which probably answers all of your questions.

The article in the monzo app doesnt provide enough info. The chargeback process doesn’t look good for monzo as the traditional banks are outperforming them in this area, acting much quicker and resolving issues with simplicity. Something monzo prides itself on. Ive been quoted 10 weeks for my refund if I get it whereas traditional banks are already paying out. Why can’t monzo provide an equivalent service? Is it because big banks are refunding there customers and then claiming later? Is this a reason not to go full monzo?

If you need that service then yes.

This is why I brought it up. I’m not personally affected but for those who are it’s a massive downside of using a ‘new’ bank.