CASS Redirected Refunds

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Hoping for help/advice. I switched to Monzo from Barclays using the CASS service back in November 2021.

It has since come to light I have been issued a refund from Amazon for a not insignificant sum. This was issued back to the original payment method (my Barclays debit card).

This occured on the 12th April 2022. I have had a statement confirming from Barclays that the refund reached them and was subsequently transferred out - each transfer carries the reference ‘Cass Crd Credit TF’.

My issue is the money still hasn’t been credited to my new Monzo account. Monzo customer service can’t provide me with any more detail other than they’re waiting for Barclays to respond, whilst Barclays tell me the money was transferred out and it’s Monzo’s problem.

How long should this process take, considering it’s a transfer of funds between two UK banks?

There will be a reference related to the payment that they have sent on to Monzo. Ask them for that. There’s a specific term/acronym for it, I can’t think of it right now, I’ll keep thinking…

FPID - Faster payment ID

If I’m reading the CASS guarantee properly, Barclays can’t or won’t speak to the customer, and it’s up to Monzo to sort it out.

As Monzo are waiting for Barclays to respond, it could be that’s the information they’re waiting for anyway.

Two weeks is a long time, though. So it doesn’t seem unreasonable for the OP to ask for better communication from Monzo over what is happening.

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I’ve had a refund go to my old cancelled Monzo card will it still go to my account


Kinda, The current Account switch means it is Monzo’s responsibility to manage all Faster Payments (& BACs payments e.g. Direct Debits, etc.) paid into the account however, cards are not covered by the Current Account Switch Service and need to be canceled and changed themselves.

The reference for faster payments is TRN (Transaction Reference Number)

As for the original question here from the OP, if you can reach out to Barclays and request the TRN and give that to Monzo we will be able to look up this payment in the Faster Payment network and see where it has ended up. These payments should happen instantly (but can take up to a day due to communication through the BoE)

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Doesn’t the CASS guarantee mean that Monzo should be the one getting the TRN from Barclays, rather than the customer?

I’d imagine probably not, due to …

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