Thomas Cook have entered Compulsory Liquidation

Surprised this subject hasn’t cropped up yet on the forum

Suppose to be flying with them on 3rd October to Kos, Greece for our wedding, over 60 guest with no idea how things will go.

Worst thing is, if they do go bust, 20 or so of our guest will still be going without us :neutral_face: as they booked with other airlines. We will lose out on all the extras paid for ie greek translation of documents, personalised gifts/accessories

Anyone else in limbo?

Please tell me you have already purchased your travel insurance…

I have it with work and also it is ATOL protected. The issue we have is those who booked with other airlines will still get their holiday but then couldnt afford to book another for if things need to change

Got you. Not entirely sure what would happen in that instance. With a bit of luck it will all be sorted and all this news is just blowing out of proportion. Keeping everything crossed for you all.

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I’m meant to be going to Vegas in April 2020, booked flights and hotel with Thomas Cook, now wondering what I’m meant to do?

I’m not 100% sure, but I’d this the sort of thing wedding insurance was designed for?

Also, if the worst does unfortunately happen, you could always get married in the U.K. on a suitable date.

Right now? Nothing.

Thomas Cook are still trading (at the time of writing). Believe me, it’s best not to worry too much about what might happen. There will almost certainly be some way of getting your money back, if necessary, when (if) TC goes into administration.

Honestly I’m not so worried about getting the money back. I paid via Amex and it was well over the £100 minimum so I’m covered with that. I happen to get my holiday for very cheap and my flights alone now cost double what I paid for the whole holiday so it’s more of making the decision to significantly downgrade my holiday plans or not go at all.

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Doesn’t look promising if this story’s source is correct now…

To me it seems it’s fate has now been decided :slightly_frowning_face: .

There’s Thomas Cook flights in the air not scheduled to land until 7am ish uk time. So I doubt Thomas Cook would make any official announcement until all planes have touched down.

On another note:

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I have 3 trips booked through TC in next 10 months.
Reading twitter tonight is funny - there are clear facts - read the CEO body language - my wife met him last year - she said - they are gone!
My wife used to work for TC until redundancy 3 months ago.
What is clear is that there are several planes arriving / arrived in UK under fake flight codes.
I feel sorry for all my wife’s ex colleagues- they have some brilliant staff working for them. Some have children & this will impact lives significantly.

No that’s not the issue!!!
Once most planes have left overseas airports then they will announce. They just don’t want planes at overseas airports.
Most planes will have commenced their return flights before 2:30am.
Don’t forget it’s not just planes in UK as they have 5 airlines within Europe - TC UK, TC Spain, TC Scandinavia, Condor & TC aviation - they don’t use the last for commercial flights.
Nearly 100 planes!


Thank you to all the great staff you had.

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I was on the last flight to land of an airline that went bust, they waited until the plane had landed and taxied to some obscure part of the airport and parked up before officially announcing , one of the staff said they think it’s because no one is insured to move the plane once the company has gone insolvent.

But it was really messed up because even the crew didn’t know for sure if they were losing their jobs until landing.

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It’s one of the aspects which is lost when an airline or holiday company goes bust. I feel sorry for those who may lose holidays, or be stuck at airports for hours, but people are losing their livelihoods when these things happen. Thomas Cook employ 21,000 people. They’ll be affected far more than anyone who is on, or who is planning, a trip.



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It’s official.

Aye, its officially over. If you need help the CAA has set up a website to help (which appears to have already crashed).

The old website just has this now:

Interesting addition about what happens when airlines go bust @kolok . Such a shame for those employees and customers worldwide who will be affected by this.

Guess I’ll have to just book it in future.

Flippancy aside, its an awful way for things to end. Both for those who’ve lost their holidays, and those who’ve lost their jobs.

(Taken from the Guardian, if anyone happens to need it):

There is also a phone number for people to call.

Overseas number: +44 1753 330 330
UK freephone: 0300 303 2800

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I’m curious, what if you’re not eligible for a CAA flight (either due to your return flight being after the cutoff date, or them requesting you make your own arrangements then reimbursing you), but you don’t have the funds to purchase a new flight?