Paid for flights with Monzo

Hi i paid for Ryanair flights with monza card. I should have gone to tenerife on28th of July but didn’t go because of government advice on travel and Ryanair don’t give refund as the flight still went.,and can’t cancel inbound flight which is on 11/8/2020. Can monza help with this. Thanks lee

This is an issue between you and the airline. The bank really isn’t involved at all in this.


No as flight was not cancelled, you decided not to go, government advice is on return 2 week quarantine.

You also cannot claim via insurance if you have any unless you had COVID and bought the insurance before March.


You won’t get a refund from Ryanair here or Monzo, the flight operated and I think I’m right in saying the FCO weren’t advising against travel at that point.

You might be able to claim on your travel insurance, but that’s unlikely too. Appreciate this is a crap situation but I’m not sure you’ll be able to recover anything.


If the flight went but you didn’t go because you were following government advice not to travel, then your insurance company should be your first port of call.

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They changed there advise on the Monday afternoon 27th not to travel to all of Spain including the islands. Id just finished packing.

Yep just checked and it was the 27th. You might be able to claim on your travel insurance then. You’ll need to speak to your insurer to find out.


Apologies, I thought it was a 2 week quarantine if went to Spain etc, not that it was advised against all travel.

I would contact Ryan Air see what they say, if you have travel insurance purchased before March contact them.

Last option raise a chat back request with Monzo via chat include screen shots of government advise and written info from both Ryanair and insurance company

Already spoke to them no joy iv put this on here after i read help pages on monza app and it says monza might be able to help. I don’t think i will av any joy but worth a try.

Here’s some advice from Money Saving Expert:

Did you have travel insurance?
When did you buy the travel insurance?
When did you buy the flight?

If you bought before the pandemic, you’ll probably be able to claim.

If you bought after the pandemic was declared in March, it’s unlikely you’ll get any money back.

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What happened to people taking ownership of their own decisions?

It is only mainland Spain which was advised as essential travel only, the islands did not receive this advice, only that there would be a 14 day quarantine on return.

The flight still went, therefore the service you paid for was put on, it was a personal decision not to take that flight.

Anyone risking buying flights at the moment in the current climate should be aware that things are changing rapidly so there will always be a risk it might not go ahead or guidance might change. However, as unfortunate as it is, that risk is yours to take… not that of the banks.


This isn’t quite right:

From 27 July, the FCO advise against all non-essential travel to Spain, including the Balearic and Canary Islands, based on the current assessment of COVID-19 risks in the country.

I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect the airline to cancel the flight or allow a reschedule following the change in FCO advice, it’s just that the airline involved is Ryanair.


Ah well. With all the changes and differences between countries of the UK, I don’t claim to know every rule for every country at every point in time.

I stand by everything else I’ve written though :smirk:


Oh yeah, you’re spot on with everything else.

The situation right now is so fluid that booking any travel that doesn’t allow full flexibility really isn’t a good idea and there’s a real risk you’ll lose all of your money.

Monzo have an article on this:

Full article is below which also includes a section: “If you can’t get a refund and your travel insurance doesn’t cover you” but I don’t think this applies in your situation.

I agree. Whilst I find it incredible that people are booking foreign holidays during a global pandemic, I do appreciate why they feel able to do so. I understand that a lot of holidays will have been booked months ago, but surely the risk is known that it’s a very volition situation right now, and that there is a possibility that holidays won’t be able to be taken, and money will be lost?

I booked the holiday last year before the global pandemic

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There seems to be a lot of assumptions being made…

Sure, at the crux of it its a personal decision, but it’s not as easy as “well the government say I shouldn’t, so I won’t”. If you travel against FCO advice, any travel insurance you have isn’t even worth the paper it’s written on.

Imagine ignoring the advice and tripping off a curb, breaking your arm, and needing surgery? You’d SOOL.

What about someone who’s saved up, to book a well earned holiday, only to be left in this situation through no fault of their own? It’s absolutely not right that they shouldn’t be supported by an insurance company or credit card company through this. They shouldn’t left in a situation deciding between health and finances, because of an inflexible policy.

Insurers seem to be of the mindset these days that paying out isn’t part of the service they provide…

You’ve also made the assumption that the flights were booked during the pandemic. My parents booked theirs over a year ago - I guess we’ll put them in the same category of not taking ownership of their decisions :man_shrugging:

I think the biggest issue here is that the airline is Ryanair - you only have to look at all of the support every other airline is offering customers, to see how pathetic Ryanair’s service is.


Totally agree about Ryanair