Flying with Thomas Cook

Just a little heads up…my family and I have just flown to New York from England with Thomas Cook (fabulous flight), however, they don’t accept the Monzo card as payment as it is a prepaid card.
Hope this is helpful

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Thomas cook airlines dont accept the monzo prepaid card or they dont accept the card in new york?

They don’t accept pre-paid cards


Strange as Monach expected my Monzo card when I flew to Spain.

Yeah on the other thread people have used it fine on Monarch, Easyjet and Ryanair, but not Thomas Cook


I assume they actually tried it and it failed, rather than just look at the card and decide it wouldn’t work?

As previously posted Thomas cook are with a number of chartered airlines in that they do not take prepayment cards.
I think I’ve even seen a mention of at least 1 airline not taking debit MasterCard - so having the current account won’t help.

Monarch themselves state that they do not accept prepaid cards. IMG_0908

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If anyone has information about using their prepaid card on another airline, aside from Thomas Cook, could you please post it here, to save me closing this topic :raised_hands:

Apologies… since my post I have read several others stating the same… just to clarify it was the air steward said that ‘they’ (Thomas Cook) don’t accept prepaid cards as they cannot confirm amounts on the cards…

Ps, I have also read some posts about not been able to use the card in stores etc in New York… I’ve used my card in several stores and when paying for food etc… had no issues at all…so far… I have struggled to find a ‘cash machine’ that does not charge for withdrawals. Although, Monza don’t charge a fee, the banks do charge a fee… $3.00 per withdrawal is what I’ve been charged so far… what is fantastic is that when I’ve got back to the hotel and logged on to monzo app (via hotel wifi), its given me a accurate balance and shown what the actual amount is in £’s… loving it xx

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