“This time last month” balance

(Simon Tomes) #1

I’m enjoying the Current Account. It’s ace!

Most days I look at my balance and wonder:

  • What was my balance last month and the month before that?
  • How is my balance looking relative to this time last month?
  • Am I in a better place with my balance that I have been in the past?

All similar questions but I feel they’re important. The Spending page doesn’t quite give me what I need for this particular use case.

I’d find it useful to quickly answer those questions without having to remember a number, scroll back through to the same date on a previous month and then mentally compare those numbers.

Perhaps I could swipe down on the Home page and see an instant “this time last month” balance plus maybe another month back. The info could include an up or down arrow with a percentage increase/decrease from the balance its compared against. I could compare any date I like with maybe two previous months entries.

For example:

Balance on this day = £420
This time last month = £410 (up 3%)
This time two months ago = £450 (down 7%)

What do you think? Would you find this helpful?

(Sacha) #2

I also scroll back to compare my balance compared to the previous month. Clearly there are always fluctuations due to the timings of payments but I find it a really useful benchmark as to how my spending is going.