Historical balance data

Im really not a fan of the omission of the historical balance data and pre and post balance data for each transaction. To me this is a pretty essential part of banking and for a data driven product like Monzo to not even have the option to see that stuff in app is strange to me.

I know some (mostly I those who received a single credit into their account on a monthly basis) didn’t like the Line graph that reflected your location as you scrolled the transaction history, but it was incredibly useful to many.

You’re wrong in your assumption that only single credit people found it useful. However, you’ll be happy to hear that showing a running total of your balance has been suggested before.

The graph itself isn’t coming back but a better, cleaner and more modern implementation is certainly possible.

Be sure to search the forum and cast your vote for it so it gets the attention of Monzo :slight_smile:

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@Unclecreepyy and I have been discussing this on the Subreddit. Whilst I don’t use the features noted in the way described I agree that it is a necessary feature for some.

At the moment, the only way to get the information you require is to faff around downloading statements.

I’ve suggested this before and also find it a strange omission, I find knowing how my finances compared to the same point last month is an essential part of budgeting. There’s is a version of this idea that you can already vote on…

I’m hoping they bring back the graph one way or another… perhaps this time an over time bar chart with some color coding? :wink:
Or why not just have the balance at the end of the day on left hand side whilst keeping the days expenditure on the right in the list view?