This Is An Emergency

I need to get some help accessing my Munzo account as I don’t nor can I charge my iPhone or even gain access to the app to do it myself. I have been informed that I would be able to gain access via the emergency route which is fantastic, but again the only problem I have is as well without a doubt currently hating iPhone I can’t stand it and I need my money. I know the email that I have registered with, but again I can’t access it!

I Thank you in advance

You can login at , if you aren’t recieving the email then check you spam or trash folder, if you have an @icloud email address then you have to check this using a desktop browser.

I have tried this but for me to check my email I would need to verify myself, and as my phone has died officially I am not in a good place right now

If you can’t login to your email you will have to email from somewhere else for them to change the login email on your account.

I would try calling the number on the back of your card and see if they can sort it quicker, as email response can take a while.

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Thank you I will give them a call now!! Again thanks for the help :smiley:

Will keep ya posted

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