I was just about to switch to Monzo fully then something occured to me that is now preventing me

I was litterally about to do it… I have a savings pot with Monzo that I am using to save a couple of grand as I plan to buy myself a nice car after 2 years of having my current one. Lets say I save £5000 for example, how can I get my £5000 in cash form, if there is no physical bank? even if I got to a paypoint and request this, there is noway they can just give me £5000 on the spot…? this is making me think of moving my savings out of Monzo seeing though when I do hit my target I wont be able to get it in cash…

You can’t. You would have to do a bank transfer or pay by card.

Or just keep your old account open.

Why on earth would you pay £5,000 in cash :scream: You’d have no “paper trail” and I’d hate to carry that amount of money around :grimacing:


Ask them to raise your ATM limit :man_shrugging:

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Because private sellers exist

And? Do they not have a bank account either?


damn, ok yeah I guess that is my ownly real option…

I imagine some do some don’t… its about getting acess to your money when and how you want to access it.

If someone said to me that they don’t own a bank account and they wanted £5k all in cash alarm bells would be ringing. You read about scams like this far too often nevermind someone in this day and age not owning a bank account! :laughing:

You’re right though. If you want to risk it and pay all cash that’s your call :slight_smile:


Monzo is a digital bank and thus cash is less important to them. Just look they have no branches & limit cash deposits into accounts.
I personally welcome this & can’t wait for cashless society in the :uk:



Although begging for cash at work today for a car wash was a bit embarrassing when I drove through a diesel slick…

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I don’t think I’d feel comfortable carrying more than a few grand in cash. Too many less risks for me.
I remember once buying a car at a National ‘cheaper’ car chain (MP) they wouldn’t release cars until a few working days after money deposited into their account but would happily take cash. I wonder if they have changed?
I’m not judging but in my limited experience cash is used by those who wish to lessen or curb their business or personal taxes. Well I’m PAYE and can’t do why should you???

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Or… just maybe… some people are still used to a cash culture because that’s what they’ve known for a few decades or even more. We’re all here because we are onboard that digital train but there’s no need to label people as tax cheats for using cash.


There’s definitely a case for that. At work though, the only people who suggest paying cash also ask if it reduces the VAT bill…

I have been fully cashless - even paying my barber by bank transfers because I can’t be bothered to take cash with me. Lol


That’s impressive :scissors:


I agree but it’s funny how we don’t label people who have embraced digital finance as fraudsters in a world where chargebacks and reversing PayPal transactions exists yet many people on this forum say it about those who use cash. Both have bad actors, no need to tar the majority.


Why does it vary in price? Does your hair grow faster every second month? :thinking:


Haha. The £4 is for clean shaving and the £9 is shaving + hair cut. Lol


Wow. I pay £7. I don’t mind £2 for them to run the clippers over, but I object to the £5 search fee.

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