The wallet / bag discussion

It’s the Apex Slim!

Generally I really like it over other wallets I’ve had. Because of the magnetic closure / lack of stitching it can be a little slimmer than wallets of the same capacity I find.

It could be better with if it could comfortably hold one or two more cards, and/or have 2 slots rather than 1 on each side.

I’ve never quite managed this set up this neatly, but 9/10 otherwise.

(And cash isn’t ideal, it’s made for US notes not UK, so notes end up either double folded or just wedged in the middle loose, but I rarely carry cash)


My Watch band came. I’m not underwhelmed, but I’m not a fan. It feels incredibly rigid and I have a massive empty gap between my wrist and the band where it’s meant to bend. £5 from AliExpress at most.

Thanks! I’ve been wanting one for a while but just can’t justify it. My Secrid does me for the time being – I might be able to justify the one for banknotes too for my few trips abroad where cash is necessary, but I have an old fashioned leather bifold for that.

Ahh really? I love mine, fit is great and feels nice quality. :grimacing:

I think it’s partly that I have an in-between size wrist, so one step is too tight and the next one is so loose that I can feel the Watch wobble and it always thinks it’s not on my wrist.

That, and the leather doesn’t really feel premium at all. In fact I don’t feel like I’m wearing a leather product. I have £20 leather straps for a regular wristwatch that feel a lot better on my wrist.

Oh and the fear of the colour issues :melting_face:

For Apple to have charged £100 for this is staggering. Worse than the cleaning cloth or the Mac wheels.

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Luckily I have a perfect fit with mine. It’s definitely not a premium product that should cost £99, I’m happy with it for £26.99 though.

The two bands worth splurging on at the £100 side of the pricing are the Milanese loop and the braided solo loop.

I like the leather link strap too though. I think a lot of your issues don’t exist with the genuine Apple one compared to dropshipped knock offs, except that stiff feeling. It’s probably my least favourite premium strap and not worth £100 when those other options exist at the same price.


This is a genuine Apple one, so that’s why I’m disappointed. I have better experience with £0.90 hook and loop straps from AliExpress.

I’d love to try a Milanese loop, but I can’t find one discounted anywhere (yet). But I think my favourite bands will remain the hook and loop ones (sport loop?)


Sounds standard for an Apple accessory to me


Black Milanese loop here.

Had it since I got this Series 5 watch when they were released, worn it every day & have nothing bad to say about it.

The sports band irritated my skin etc, but this loop is just great & matches the space black aluminium watch!

1000% get one if you can afford/considering.


I’m surprised they never went back to the drawing board with that band!

It’s a nice band, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t know a single person whose skin hasn’t had some kind of a reaction to it!

The solo loop is probably my favourite band overall. It’s the sweatpants of watch bands. So comfy. Just frustrating they haven’t sold it in black for the last 3 years. I could do with a new one and a spare.

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You convinced me to buy one. Bough one off eBay, hopefully will arrive before I travel this weekend. If not I’ll have to impatiently wait for it.

Good! I really like it. :grinning:

If you don’t, I’ll take it as a late Christmas present :stuck_out_tongue:

What colour did you get?

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I got the silver one to go with the titanium AWU. I hope I’ll like it.

The only reason I can see me not liking it, is if combined with the AWU it will be too long and won’t fit my wrist. Some of the sport loops just about work. Or if it’s corroded or mucky (given it’s second hand, but the latter can be fixed).

The leather link one is one I’m still torn on. I have to have it on so tight that it imprints the little dimples into my skin for the screen lock to not activate. And putting it on is a delicate manoeuvre over the bed, because if you don’t get it right it will fall. That’s why I like the loop style bands, they have a failsafe.

I have the tiniest of space left on the strap to tighten it more, but it fits even my tiny little wrists :face_holding_back_tears: So I’m sure you’ll be okay :jack_eyes:

If it’s corroded, I’d be interested to know how it got corroded, cause mine isn’t and I’ve never taken it off for any activity, even redoing the patio in my garden! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Are you also an Ultra user? If so then it’s reassuring! I don’t think I’ll get it this week now as it’s not been dispatched so will have to report next week. I could’ve just gone CeX (and trade in the leather link…) but this was cheaper.

That’s also good to know! I’ve seen some reports of corrosion under the magnet (and the magnet falling out) – and as the Cybertruck shows, even stainless steel can rust.

Nope, Series 5 :smiley:

You made me panic, I checked, and mine’s all good. :smiley: So hopefully you’ll have no problems.

Ah, the Ultra is big and it does say that some straps may not fit some people… well, I guess I’ll see!