The Verge's Gadgets of the Decade

I am shocked at just how many things on this list that I owned or still do.


What a great compilation, thanks for sharing!

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i have 6 on that list

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That’s a good list. I only had a couple of the higher number items 100-to-30 but There’s quite a lot of the sub-30’s items that I have or have had. Recent nostalgia!

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I have 5 lol :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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My final tally is 21.

23 if you count the Galaxy S2 (an American variant was listed) and the iPhone XR (the iPhone X was listed) :grinning:

I’m happy to see the Dexcom G5 on the list. My sister uses it, is an ambassador for Dexcom and has modelled it for their print advertising. It’s made such a huge difference to her quality of life.


Am I the only person who owned a Zune? I loved that thing.

9 for me. I surprised myself, really. I’m also surprised the the iPhone 4 was number 1.

The cookie opt-out for that site is entirely objectionable. The alert box only gives you an accept button, you have to look at their cookie policy for how to opt out, and when you find the right part in the document it basically says “Turn off cookies in your browser LOL”. Disappointing.

That aside. The list!

I find it a curious choice to include mind-bogglingly awful failures in the list (Hello Juicero!). They’re largely going to be forgotten in short order, deservedly so. Failures on the level of the C5 or the Amstrad E-m@iler are rare indeed. The Juicero doesn’t get there, and the one notable gadget failure that will be memorable isn’t on the list - the Theranos Edison device.

Is the Mophie Juice Pack an American thing? I know hundreds of people who use external batteries for their phones, but none of them use an absurd oversided phone case with a battery inside it. 99% of them use Anker Powerbanks (also on the list! Some credibility regained).

I digress. So, turns out that my device count is: 15. 16, if my EFF sticker counts as a webcam cover. Some items were inherited rather than purchased by myself, but (among others, one Instant Pot, never used by me).

The Red camera should be higher. Not a consumer device at all, but my god it really was an absolutely game-changer.

I’m divided on the merits of USB-C. Good: you don’t have to remember which way up the cable is. Bad: the port is so large that it’s easier to damage or clog it with lint (RIP my first phone with a USB-C port).

tl;dr, would appear I am quite contrary.

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I had one for my iPhone 6, and loved it!

If you heard a loud ‘THUD’ and were wondering what it was, that was me falling over in shock.


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I heard several loud THUDS when I had one. I dropped it onto concrete several times, and it protected the phone and still worked.

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Yo Anarchist, I’m really happy for you, Imma let you finish but Anker had one of the best power banks of all time…one of the best power banks of all time!



I think it’s because in at least some of those examples, those failures reshaped the company roadmap or the wider tech scene as a whole. The Amazon Fire phone killed Amazon’s entire plan of becoming phone centric, so they pivoted to being Alexa centric. And the HP Touchpad was the nail in the coffin for WebOS as a third challenger OS at a time when it was still possible for Android and iOS to not become a duopoly.

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I have 4.

21, I had a 1080 instead of the 1070 so that should be 22.

Red camera shouldn’t be on the list.

This made me laugh! Isn’t that half the fun?

6 - to my absolute surprise. R-

20 (although that’s counting iPhone X and iPhone 4).

6 for me, although they are some of the more boring ones:
Chromecast (strangely still used a lot)
Fire TV stick (now redundant)
USB-C adapter (neccessity)
USB hub (though not Anka)
Power Pack (again not Anka)
USB-C (via new phone and chromebook)