The Vegan Thread!

Yeah it’s still supposedly a fairly high proportion over here who are intolerant as well. I feel like I read about 20%.

So we’re still sort of fighting it apparently. And people don’t think they’re intolerant, they just get stomach pain for a bit and move on.

“Most people in the world are lactose intolerant, but a genetic mutation where a cytosine © nucleotide in a person’s DNA is replaced with a thymine (T) nucleotide allows them to digest milk.”

The "China Study” explores the condition in detail.

Thank you for raising this important point that veganism is not a diet. Plant-based eating can be a diet or a style of eating but veganism is so much more

Any recommendations for something to add into a stir-fry :thinking:

Not bloody tofu either :face_vomiting:

I’m fine with all the veg, sauces, rice or noodles just once in a while want a different texture thrown into the mix.

Bit of a treat item cus not super cheap but I throw in the This isn’t Chicken little breaded/nugget pieces sometimes. Fry them up in spices/soy sauce/whatever first then in with the noodles and veg :yum:

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Oh thanks I’d actually seen them about a few weeks ago and thought they sounded nice. Totally forgot about them as it means going down to Sainsbury’s, will pay a visit this week to try them out.

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