Happy World Vegan Day! 🌱

To my fellow vegans and the vegan-curious :wink:

I’m working today and trying to find good vegan options on Deliveroo/Just Eat/Uber Eats.


Happy indeed!

If you ever have friends that want to turn vegan or have problems the Vegan Society just released this app called VeGuide.

Just installed it, looks simple but may be quite useful for some people:


Celebrating with a vegan banana ball made at Brooklyn Cafe in Wilmington, NC



Me and the Mrs went to Pizza Express yesterday for this as they have started doing the Vegan cheese :tongue: but if you said to your host ‘Happy World Vegan Day!’ you got free doughballs with vegan dips :pizza:

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I’m with William Sitwell :wink:

Fortunately I don’t have to resign when I make a joke!


Interesting viewpoint here: https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2018/oct/31/waitrose-editor-quits-vegan

IMHO he shouldn’t have said it, he should have been astute enough to realise that the vegan movement has gained popularity this year and his magazine should reflect that. I’m not vegan myself (sorry!) but my manager is and I have opened up to more vegan options when shopping or eating out (Aldi do some great beetroot and chickpea burgers). I’m afraid though I have to agree with my manager when she laments not having a decent alternative to cow’s milk for tea or a decent piece of cake!


Or a decent steak. Or roast pork. Or BBQ ribs. Or sashimi.


Meh, you can keep the last two.

Choice is good :slight_smile:

I wanted to go there, but I was working until midnight. We ended up ordering falafel and hommous wraps. The new vegan puttanesca looks amazing!

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I love some vegan cheese. Vegetarian atm for 10 years but I am curious.
~ now need vegan pizza

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I’ve heard a lot worse in my 9 years as a vegan, but I don’t see the humour in what he said. I can see it being a sardonic comment to a friend, but to a total stranger it comes across as belittling and mean. Waitrose has made a large commitment to their new vegan ranges, not to mention just yesterday they released their yearly sales data which specifically highlighted the huge increase in vegan sales, a project he likely would have been aware of.

So what he did was not only being rude and aggressive to a total stranger who had simply made some very fair pitch ideas based on the efforts of the parent company, but he also was screwing up a project that many of his colleagues worked hard on.

I’m not personally offended despite the fact that he clearly has issues with my lifestyle. But had he kept his job, I also wouldn’t consider shopping at Waitrose. So I don’t sympathise. If you went into a store, asked a store worker where the vegan food was, and got a reply like that, the store worker would be fired. The standards aren’t lower for writers or editors - if anything they are higher considering the responsibility level.


I completely disagree, it was a stupid response but not one that he should lose his job over. I think the Guardian article sums it up perfectly.

I don’t believe that people should be fired for making upsetting remarks, it was personal correspondence with someone who, as an industry insider, should have been more thick skinned. She could have as easily told him not to be such a ****, but that wouldn’t have given her or her cause the massive boost of publicity.

Fair enough. I think that had I been employing a communications professional who wrote in those terms, I’d be glad to see the back of him.

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It tastes it too! Might be worth noting if there is one near your offices that they offer collection… :wink:

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