Cruelty Free Products

(Mark Dunne) #1

Hi there!

I was wondering if anyone could provide me with some recommendations. I’m trying to be more environmentally friendly and along with this I’m also trying to avoid any cleaning/beauty products that are tested on Animals.

I’ve pretty much got all the household stuff sorted thanks to the fact that Tesco’s own branded products are cruelty free but I’m struggling with skin care etc…

Does anyone have any recommendations for products?

Cruelty free beauty
Cruelty free beauty

Check out Lush.

(Mark Dunne) #3

I never even thought of Lush, I walk past their store every day! I’ll have a mooch on their website :+1:t2:

(Only available in amateur ) #4

Ecover cleaning products are very good. More eco friendly than Tesco own brand

(Simmy) #5

Buy organic meat and poultry, Its better for the animals and us humans :slight_smile:

(Jack) #6

The Body Shop is also a good one

(Jack) #7

This site has a list of companies / products that are Cruelty Free:

(Jorge) #8

The sweet irony of selling cruelty-free products but using child labour to manufacture (especially clothes brands)


I’m vegan (we have rep for shouting it, so i may as well:P)

Any of super drug own brand products are guaranteed to be cruelty free.

Good place to find bits you might struggle to spot (always do a google on some of the products, you might find cheaper elsewhere :slight_smile: )


I’ve always been impressed with the Bulldog for Men products. Not tested on animals, natural ingredients etc


I like bulldog too, never had an issue with them!

I’ve never actually been in Lush, I walk past the shop and the smell is overpowering but I’ve heard good things about the products, I may check it out later this week! :smiley:

(Thomas Horne) #12

I remember one of their first stores in Covent Garden; looking around I had to walk out of the basement as I could hardly breathe. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Liam) #13

I like a good Lush smell-all-the-things trip but I haven’t thought much of their day-to-day products.

The bath bombs etc are fun, but the shampoos, conditioners, etc are unimpressive for the price.

(Only available in amateur ) #14

I want to try the shampoo bars. Hate excess packaging


I’ve been rather tempted to try them!

(Liam) #16

YES! I’m going to be on be lookout for these soon. My only experience with these so far was a Lush conditioner bar (not good), but I am so ready to get on the solid bar bandwagon.

(Eve) #17

Nip + Fab is a really good affordable one and their products are usually sold in TK Maxx for really cheap (£2.99 for moisturiser, £7-8 for masks, serum boost etc). Also love certain products by The Ordinary and The Body Shop. Lush masks are hit and miss for me but I like how they’re passionate about causes. First aid beauty, Glossier, Dermalogica, and Ole Henriksen are good too but definitely pricier. I’ve found a £75 retail set of Ole Henriksen skincare for £22 in TK Maxx, so I’d recommend just going in with a list of cruelty free brands and picking things off shelves.


I’ve never heard of a shampoo bar before :flushed: :flushed: :flushed: but after reading about them i really want to try one now!

(Colin Robinson) #19

If it’s packaging free you’re after then try their naked shower gels. :grinning:

(Dawid) #20

When it comes to beauty products I also look at whether it uses palm oil. There are so many other ways to substitute it that there’s no need to support destroying of orangutan’s habitat.

Body Shop - isn’t it still in the grey area when it comes to cruelty-free products? Of course they have been sold to Natura but I remember reading they aim to be truly cruelty-free by 2020