Vegan finds ! (Non vegans welcome ha)

Was reading the Huel thread and thought I’d see if there’s any interest in a thread for posting finds on food menus or in the supermarket!

Used to be in lots of Facebook groups to keep up date but kind of left there now!

First one I’ll share Is Chilangos who have branches in London and Manchester have just launched a new vegan menu 20180515_120954


I was very impressed recently when the bagel place in Manchester Piccadilly had vegan cream cheese on their menu.

I was less impressed when they told me they’d ran out! :joy:

For my fellow Brummies… Not Dogs, 3 Threes Cafe, Fressh and Natural Healthy Cafe are my favourite vegan/vegan-friendly places.

When I’m at our office in Old St, I love to go to CookDaily at Boxpark in Shoreditch and Arancini Brothers who do amazing vegan risotto balls.

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Next time you’re in Manchester try visit VRev in northern quatre near the station !

American style Dinner but fully vegan : !



I’ve been there! It’s amazing. So much better since they moved to the bigger space. I remember going to the original space and having to wait a while to get a table.

My sister lives in Manchester so I’ve been around there quite a bit :slight_smile:

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Another one is 8th day. Or hands down fav pizza is Zizzis with their amazing cheese !

Yeah the old store was tiny but they used to sell the hiezenburger that was epic !

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