What time does full Monzo switch over

Today’s the day!

Hi guys,

Just a quick one, my date for switching is today :slight_smile:

I was expecting to wake up this morning to see the change had happened, but my money is still in my legacy account. Anyone know what sort of time the big switch usually happens?


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I’m not 100% sure but I think it can occur at any time on the actual day.

Exciting stuff :partying_face:

I assume that the majority (if not all) of you direct debits have now moved over and you can see them in your Monzo account?

My account switches over today too :partying_face:

My DD’s transferred a few days ago @Ordog

You will get a notification when everything switches. This was mine from September. But yeah can happen at any point during the day. Well done on the switch!

Happy Monzo day dude!

Yes, my DD’s transferred over a day or so ago too. Although one due yesterday still came out of my old account, but assuming that it was in motion pre-switch action so that’s why.

Spoke to Live Chat and they also just said it could be any time today.

I was just checking as originally thought that it was happening at midnight so wanted to make sure nothing was wrong. Sounds like it’s the norm tho :smiley:

Cool :sunglasses: I was just checking :slight_smile:

So it seems like you’re 99% there, fingers crossed it’s not much longer :crossed_fingers:

My balance was transferred over at 10:46 :clock11:

Excellent. Are you treating us all to lunch to celebrate? :sandwich: :laughing:

:laughing: I would, but the tax man keeps taking all of my overtime money :sob:


I feel your pain :cry:

Mine came over about an hour ago too! :ok_hand:t2:

I’d love to, but my newly enabled ability to budget means that there’s not enough to do it this month! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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You’re both rubbish - I was hoping for a free Friday lunch and now I’ve to buy my own :rofl: Bad times :cry:

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:laughing: at least we have both switched now!

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Welcome to the #FullMonzo club @Gazmaninavan :partying_face:

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