Full Monzo

I’m about ready to push forward with this (I think).

If I use switch service:

  1. How long?
  2. Anybody had issues with DD,s migrating?


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Only a couple. O2 for example didn’t switch and I got an assertive email from them reminding me to pay.

Just keep an eye. If you get charges you’ll be compensated.

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If I recall correctly, 7 working days.

I had no issues when I switched, everything just changed over in the background for me.

  1. 7 working days
  2. No (but I’ve seen others talk about companies recreating direct debits)- you are also covered by the Current Account Switch Guarantee.
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So my DD are:

BMW Finance x 3
Halifax Card
Ratesetter Loan
Petplan Insurance
Abraxas Gap Insurance

Any issues for anyone with these?

Of the ones you listed, I only have Barclaycard and EE, whicb were both fine.

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No issues here with any of mine when I transferred, all transferred without issue. If you have any issues you have the CASS guarantee to fall back which will reimburse you for any charges as a result switching problems


You’ll be given a date with 24hrs if starting the process. Mine was about a week.

No issues at all from my side - I was actually really impressed with the whole process.

I think I’m right in saying that, as part of it all, a redirect is put in place for three years. So if someone tries to deposit cash into your old account or a legacy payment tries to be taken, everything will get re-routed to your new Monzo account without you having to do anything.


Hey Stuart,

I went Full Monzo around 6 months ago I think. Switch service was relatively easy - Monzo came back with the correct list roughly 3 days after I requested it, only issue was trying to make sure I had switched after payments were due as I know if you alter a direct debit roughly 3 working days before it’s taken it won’t change in time, and then I was worried whether I needed the funds in the Monzo account, or my old account etc, but relatively easy!

The only issue I had was with my corporate credit card - the direct debit was setup and was showing, but I got a “failed to take payment” email and had to call and do it over the phone. They said it was the banks fault, but as far as I could see it was listed so I don’t think it was a Monzo issue.

All in all though, best thing I ever did was go Full Monzo - first time in my life I’ve got savings, I can see direct debits going up or down (like phone bills etc) and just having a balance in summary that shows me what balance I have remaining after all my bills are due to be taken is super helpful. Stops you going crazy on a night out when you think you have £2,000 in your account, but actually you need to account for £500 that is due out that month. That feature is amazing.


Hi Stuart,

I switched from NatWest the week before Christmas and some of my direct debits were the same as yours.

Everything went really smooth.

The direct debits showed up in Monzo a few days before. The balance came across around 9am on the switch date and all my DD’s have worked flawless since.

Overall a really smooth process.


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About a week… no issues with anything at all. All my dd’s, and my salary switched without me having to lift a finger.

Only thing I had to remember is to swap my Spotify and Netflix payments to my Monzo card, as obviously… Those not being DDs they don’t get switched.

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I had some minor wonkiness with my Barclaycard DD, but whether this was related to the switch and not something that coincidentally happened soon after I don’t know.

Basically the DD kept cancelling itself. Monzo were saying Barclays were cancelling it, Barclays were saying Monzo were cancelling it. Eventually someone at Barclays agreed that something super weird was going on and said he would investigate. A few days later everything was working fine, but I never heard back from the Barclays dude as to what was happening.


Took about a week (had a date a day after starting the process)

Only issue I have had is Direct Debits recreating themselves (this also happened when I switched to First Direct).

Basically they will take the first payment from your moved direct debit then create a new direct debit and from then on will use that new one.

After they switch to using the new direct debit, you can cancel the old one.

This only happened with 2 direct debits and you are fully covered if anything was to go wrong. I believe its certain companies direct debits that do this

Apart from that it’s been fine! Definitely recommend doing it! :+1:

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Correct when some companies receive the notice of a change of account details they will create a new direct debit agreement with a new reference, it’s down to the company though rather than the switch process itself.


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