The pot goal autosets to “left to pay” every period

So every month, I (and I’m sure many of you) get paid monthly and handle bills monthly. But some payments are taken on a weekly basis. Meaning some months have 5 payments. Which when using the bill splitter, you either have to average out those extra payments or you have to write down/remember how much extra you need in each pot.

Monzo already knows how much is going to be coming out of the pot before the next period begins, via “left to pay”. So I propose this;

In addition to writing in the goal as a value, you can autoset the goal to reflect the “left to pay” at the start of each period. Pot goals are already in view when using the salary sorter. Having this feature allows you to see exactly how much you need to put into each pot at the start of every period to cover all your costs.

Hey and welcome :wave:

If I’ve read this correctly you would like the left to pay reset weekly? Is that right?

It may be me but I struggled to understand what your suggestion was here :slight_smile:

Apologies, I mean the field that shows the goal of the pot to have the ability to reflect what is “left to pay”.

Wouldn’t that already be covered in so far that if you had a bill coming from that pot it would show?

I’m sorry, I am really confused about what you’re trying to ask.

If you have a bills pot it tells you how much you have left to pay and when it needs to be paid by.

Indeed, but I think they want a sort of percentage bar showing what’s left to pay too. Seems onerous to have both to me, so can’t see the value personally

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