Bills pot ‘left to pay’

Not sure if this has been raised already, I’ve had a look and couldn’t find it if so.

I absolutely love that you can pay from a bills pot and in a world where we’ve all got a huge amount of Direct Debits I do find the left the pay often confusing as you still have to calculate what’s left to pay, yes it gives you the date the payments are usually taken but it would be much easier if it were summarised easier either by clicking the ‘I’ or in the actual list.

Any ideas if this will change?

The £257 is what you have left to pay before the end of the month. Change the date of your summary/budget if you want that to be a different date.

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Left to pay is a totalled amount based on the upcoming (& therefore unpaid) debits assigned to a Bills pot within the current Summary cycle. This total accounts for Direct Debits/Scheduled Payments/Standing Orders only. It does not account for any subscription payments (Spotify/Netfilx/Amazon/Microsoft/etc) which can’t be assigned to the Bills pot - are these the cause of the difference in what you are expecting to pay and what the Monzo Bills pot is showing as Left to pay?