Scheduled Deposit: Fill to Goal

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With the new capability to attach a Virtual Card to a pot, this unlocks tonnes of options including “Bill Pots” - a pot with an allocation of money used to exclusively pay of bills allowing your main account to simply be spending money.

This is awesome and currently possible with most users opting to deposit enough money each month to pay their bills. Importantly though, this is a fixed amount each month - though some people’s bills (:raised_hand: mine) are not constant every month.

As such I’d like to propose the feature “Fill to Goal” as part of a scheduled transaction. Rather than depositing a fixed amount, say £200, each month - it would instead fill the pot up to the pre-determined goal (a value which is already available on pots!)

If the pot currently has £32, and the goal is £100. When scheduled, it would transfer £68 to fill it up. This number would change month to month automatically based on how much the pot has at the time of transfer.

An optional deposit limit could be set, allowing users to set larger goals and transfer smaller amounts until they hit it without having to micro-manage each month. If the pot has £32, a goal of £100 and a limit of £50, then on month one it would top up £50 (moving it to £82) and then month two would top up £18 to get to the limit.

If the pot has already met or exceeded the goal, no payment is completed.

Could be a bills pot which you always want to stay at a fixed amount, no matter how many bills went out last month.
Could be a holiday pot where you’re saving for a goal, and want the amount to stop automatically once the goal has been reached.
Lots of use cases!

This is necessary. Build this please :pray:

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This sounds like a great idea!

Definitely looks like a great idea :+1:

Amazing not something I would use but can see the appeal brilliant idea.

I would use this feature on pretty much all of my pots, I like keeping them all at a certain level with different purposes. I dive into them if I need to but otherwise they sit waiting :eyes:


Don’t forget to vote :ballot_box:

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I think voting would have helped in the early days, but not so much now tbh


Agreed. But it certainly can’t harm!

+1 for this