How factor in regular payments to pots in 'amount left' figure

I’ve setup a few pots for things that get paid annually (lease fees, building insurance, car insurance etc). I’ve set up a monthly sum to go into each of these pots.

However, not sure if I’m being stupid, but these don’t seem to get factored into the ‘amount left’ figure, so it looks like I have more to spend than I actually do. How can I get this to be factored in?

If you’re talking about the left to spend bar, then I don’t think you can right now.

I’ve got around it by setting up my regular pots payments right after payday - but it’s not ideal.

Oh thanks. I’m surprised, I thought that would have been an obvious addition.


It’d make sense, wouldn’t it? Hopefully they’ll get around to it next time they’re looking at that bit of the app… :crossed_fingers:


Monzo has this annoying habit of not treating pot transactions as ‘spending’. The same thing happens if you have a roundup pot, where the left to spend bar doesn’t decrease as transactions are rounded up. The logic is that you haven’t ‘spent’ anything merely moved the money elsewhere but the implementation is non-ideal for these kinds of situations. Similarly, if you have some savings goals and want to send a bit away every now and again to a saving pot, it doesn’t affect the ‘left to spend’ bar.


Our Joint Account left-to-spend is always accurate despite using a Bills pot and several other pots and sometimes transfers to Personal Accounts. But we don’t have any budgets set and I think this is the key to a ‘working’ left-to-spend. Once we move funds to a pot or transfer funds to another account, the left-to-spend reduces by the correct amount. If income arrives, paid-early or not, the left-to-spend increases correctly too.

I remember a long time ago (probably testing Monzo as a banking option back in 2017!) that left-to-spend got a bit whacky when budgets were used - I haven’t set budgets since and don’t want to, so I can’t confirm if budgets still ‘break’ the left-to-spend.

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Budgets need a lot of work!

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Great point. Budgets may be more the culprit here. I’ve used budgets forever, but maybe the time has come to switch them off.

I have an overall budget set, no specific categories.

Now I’m at the point I just set it roughly and a bit higher to balance the round ups etc and largely ignore it. I know I can hide it, but I think it looks wrong when it’s hidden.

To me, if you set the overall at £500 and you add £100 from a pot, then that should change to £600. Anything that comes into your account should add and anything that leaves should go off it. Even if that is into pots.

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Same for me, but the shortfall in my mind is that scheduled pot transfers in the middle of a budgeting period (whether you set an actual budget or not) should reduce the left to spend figure at the start of said period, and not at the point they actually take place like they currently do.

In my mind scheduled transfers into pots should be treated like standing orders on the Summary screen and the Left to Spend calculation.

It would be even better if scheduled transfers out of pots could also be anticipated by Summary and Left to Spend as well.

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