Automated payment to pots? (Not just scheduled!)

Hi Monzo,

I’m self employed so my income arrives in drive and drabs throughout the month. I have pots for bills, a savings pot and an investments pot. What I’d love is for a set percentage of all money going into my current account to be channelled directly into pots without me even thinking about it…

Is this possible yet and I just don’t know about it?

Currently, each time I get a payment into my account, I have to spend a couple of minutes shifting money here and there to pots which is a hassle.


I might be wrong but doesn’t the monzo business paid account do this?

Or am I confused with another bank :upside_down_face:


Yeah, the tax pot takes a certain amount each time in receive payment from a client. But then when I shift money over to my personal account from my business account it would be nice for it to automatically channel itself into different pots…

Yeah, I don’t move one sum at the end of each month, it’s smaller transactions throughout the month so when it gets shifted across from my business account to my personal account it would be good to have pots grab a certain amount each time money comes into my personal account…