Bills- Left to Pay


I was wondering if it would be possible to change the “left to pay” dates in the Bills pot? Or to have an additional “total to pay next month” or something along those lines. Because I have bills that go out on the 1st, I never get to see the total amount required each month, and I either have to guess or add it all up myself. This would be really useful so I can put the exact amount required in each month.


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People are going to come here to tell you that you’re using the feature wrong and you should just change the day your budgeting period starts in your summary.

I’ve voted for your idea though, because I would personally like to either see some more nuanced controls or a little bit of automation and machine learning bring about improvements to this feature, so that it can work better in scenarios like yours. It would bring Monzo much closer to their goal of making money work for everyone.


Assumption, much?

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“Total to pay next month” would be extremely useful.

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If they’re all committed spending then if you look at your summary for the previous month it will tell you how much you spent then

Or the salary sorter will tell you how much you need to add on your pay day

Yes. Was meant to say probably. On the few occasions I’ve complained about this exact restriction across other threads, that’s the response I got from several members of this community. I wanted to bring that up early on, so this new member didn’t fall victim to that same kind of hostile reaction.

I will be clearer with my wording next time.


Thanks everyone! Changing the budgeting period has mostly solved the problem. It would be nice to be able to look an extra month forward as well, for when the less regular payments need to go out and I need to plan a bit more in advance!


I pay my electric bill quarterly (no clue why but too lazy to change it!), and so I have that direct debit paid from a pot, and have a monthly transfer of a third of the expected cost into that pot every month. This way it gets accounted for in the budget, and the costs are spread out rather than occasional lump sums.

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I’ve just had to stay up past midnight in order to get the amount to pay into the pot as it wouldn’t tell me last month (yesterday). I wanted to do it before many of my direct debits go out on the 1st (today).