The Next Step: Current Accounts!

(Tristan Thomas) #34
  1. TBC exactly — will let you know as soon as we know :slight_smile:
  2. Yes :slight_smile:


Thanks for the amazingly fast reply!

That was exactly what I needed to know, so I now have no qualms about moving to the current account as soon as it is is properly available :slight_smile:

(Evan Davis) #36

If I give you a UK address (a friend’s), can I later (after I receive the initial card) change it to a Spanish address?

(Henry Pedro) #37

i deliberately avoided the preview because of this feature.

this next step seems half-baked prioritising features over other established features (dont take this personally)


For me, I’d find both and CASS to be useful. If I had to prioritise, which one would it be?

I can see CASS being better for the greater good of moving people easily to Monzo from legacy banks. As for, I’ll wait.

(Louis Cox) #39

Sorry Evan, ignore my last reply. I am just trying to get a little more clarity on this for you.

UK Resident to non-UK Resident
(Javier Delgado) #40

Same issue here so after reading Louis.cox reply I guess I won’t be upgrading, will the card still work? otherwise I will stick to my Revolut one.



Does the CA have bill splitting yet? (With someone else on Monzo)

It’s one of the main things we use

(Naji Esiri) #42

@gordonjb not yet! We’re aiming for full feature parity with the prepaid app before we launch the current account fully.

(Jolin) #43

The thing to remember about the current account, is that it’s possible for people to pay you using Faster Payments. With the prepaid card, there was no way other than is obviously much slicker, but people are used to doing Faster Payments, so it’s unlikely it will prevent you receiving money. On the other hand, lack of CASS will stop a lot of people from switching. So as much as I like, and won’t be using CASS myself, I think it’s the right prioritisation.


Ahh right, I thought that’s what this was.

(Henry Pedro) #45

but should we have to choose??? (yes i want all of my cake to eat!!!)

(Harry) #46

Faster payments are all well and good but some legacy banks still don’t allow you to make faster payments to new accounts without logging on to their website (and using a card reader cough nationwide) - is helpful in these situations, the alternative would be having Monzo as part of the PAYM scheme but I doubt that’s likely in the near future!

I agree, CASS should be a priority over but I don’t want it to be forgotten about!

(Jolin) #47

I’m definitely not arguing against in the future, you’re right that it’s extremely useful. Just that I can see why CASS is prioritised. Also, there have been hints that Paym might be supported.

(Jake Tame) #48

Looking forward this! Starting to get a little tedious having to top up :slight_smile:


Yeah, erm, hold on. What’s your account number? And the sort code, what’s that? Hang on whilst I type those into the app interface. What was that account number again? Erm, it’s not liking the sort code! Hang on, almost there. How much did I owe you again? What? Ok. Oops, I accidentally locked the phone. Wait a sec. Touch ID. In. Just fire up the app. What was your account number again? Hang on, I’ll need those other details, too, as I’ve forgotton. Why is it I owe you this money, again?

Yeah, faster Payments is frictionless. What on Earth were they thinking with that nonsense. :neutral_face::wink:

I can see the functionality being aligned to PayM. Select from the contacts. If they are a Monzo user it goes via If not, it goes via PayM.

(Jolin) #50

I never said was nonsense, I think it’s pretty amazing, and look forward to it coming to the current account. I’m just pointing out that, in contrast with the prepaid card where it was the only way for someone to transfer you money, in the CA people can transfer you money in the ways that they are used to doing with any other bank account. With that context, I can understand why CASS is a bigger priority.

(Jedihomer Townend) #51

I didn’t think you had to be a Monzo user to pay a Monzo user via the link?

Edit: Just checked, and you don’t so it wouldn’t need to play with PayM…

(Harry) #52

You do need to play with PAYM if your friend doesn’t bank with Monzo & you want to transfer to them.

(Jedihomer Townend) #53

Ah, yup… I just assume people just want to give me money :wink: