The Next Step: Current Accounts!

Really looking forward to Monzo-to-Monzo payments. It’s a bit of a hassle having to withdraw cash (from the prepaid card) and then immediately pay it back in (via my legacy bank) so I can transfer it across to my Monzo current account.

Hi Evan,

Unfortunately, the address we have on our systems will need to be a UK address for the migration. :disappointed:

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Out of interest how far behind are CASS and Apple Pay?

I’m tempted to move as soon as I’m offered an invite because I’m impatient but I’d also like to move all my direct debits over automatically because I’m lazy :see_no_evil:

For those on the preview, will we be able to do a partial current account switch (e.g. keeping the old bank account open but moving the direct debits)? I’d like to do this to force a couple of companies I’ve had problems updating details with to accept my new Monzo current account details.

I’m pretty sure that Apple doesn’t allow banks to talk about their plans regarding Apple Pay, until the actual release of the feature. So I wouldn’t expect to get any information on Monzo about timescales. By the time they tell us, it will be released. However, I think it’s safe to say they’re aware of the demand and are likely working on it for release as soon as practicable (click the :arrow_down_small: to see Matt’s image).

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It’s incredibly useful. Please don’t let this fall by the wayside. Yes, CASS should probably take priority but is very useful. Will it retain my username?


@Jami can answer related questions much better than me :slight_smile:

Agreed! I don’t think things should be put to the side, if possible. and other features are what makes Monzo stand out from the rest, being able to send my link to someone to pay me back is so useful.



Just to confirm, am I right in saying that despite the transition from prepaid debit to current account, features such as no international fees etc. will still be available?


  1. When will CASS be implemented? I don’t want to move to the Monzo CA unless via CASS.

  2. If I am “forced” onto the CA (ie prepaid card disabled) before CASS is introduced, will I be able to use CASS (with all its guarantees) to switch payments etc at a later stage?

@hs14428 regarding withdrawal fees abroad specifically, we’ll be announcing an update on this very soon!


Hi Tristan,

Sorry, a bit confused with your message - Yes, nearly all my friends are on Monzo (90% or so).

Paying a friend on monzo is a super quick button, but requesting money from Monzo friends goes to and doesn’t just type in an ammount and it sends a push notification to the Monzo user directly through Monzo.

  1. TBC exactly — will let you know as soon as we know :slight_smile:
  2. Yes :slight_smile:
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Thanks for the amazingly fast reply!

That was exactly what I needed to know, so I now have no qualms about moving to the current account as soon as it is is properly available :slight_smile:


If I give you a UK address (a friend’s), can I later (after I receive the initial card) change it to a Spanish address?

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i deliberately avoided the preview because of this feature.

this next step seems half-baked prioritising features over other established features (dont take this personally)

For me, I’d find both and CASS to be useful. If I had to prioritise, which one would it be?

I can see CASS being better for the greater good of moving people easily to Monzo from legacy banks. As for, I’ll wait.

Sorry Evan, ignore my last reply. I am just trying to get a little more clarity on this for you.

Same issue here so after reading Louis.cox reply I guess I won’t be upgrading, will the card still work? otherwise I will stick to my Revolut one.


Does the CA have bill splitting yet? (With someone else on Monzo)

It’s one of the main things we use