Is there going to be an alpha for the Current Accounts?

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And if so can we get on it? Especially if we’re Alpha testers already. :blush:


I doubt it. Investors will receive early access. This curret state is really the Alpha/Beta stage the way I see it.

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Here’s the latest on Monzo’s plans -

We know from the Crowdfunding blog post that one of the benefits of investing will be to get early access AKA alpha access, to the current accounts -

IIRC I think it’s been mentioned it won’t just be investors who test the current accounts before they’re available to anyone who wants one.

To give you a very rough sense of the early tester numbers, one of the team mentioned that this was the plan in the developer’s Slack channel -

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Cool, cheers. I am (now) an investor too.


Congratulations, you are a chosen one.

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