Prepaid/Current Account Help

I am a little late to the party but I’ve checked my app and where all i needed to do was add initial £100 to my prepaid, now that option is gone.
ust tells me i’m 0 at the top of a waiting list for a current account. Do i still have an option for pre paid? How do i get the current account/are they even available?

Cheers :slight_smile:

Hey @loosybear!

Prepaid registrations closed a while ago to make way for the current account which it sounds like you’re at the top of the queue for :tada:
Prepaid is no longer being offered but you should get a current account before the end of the year hopefully :smiley:

Sorry no, prepaid cards are now out - but you can get the Current Account after all those who have already signed up get theirs - 450k so far with 47k converted and all due to be complete by the end of November I believe so not long for you to wait :slight_smile:

Excellent thanks for your help!

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Something sounds weird. If you were a prepaid card holder previously then it should be working as normal, no? At least until you upgrade to a Current Account? That’s a process you have to kick off manually though.

Were you using a Monzo prepaid card previously?

EDIT Nevermind!

Original poster says “all i needed to do was add initial £100 to my prepaid, now that option is gone.” so it sounds like they never signed up for the PP card.

Aye, I misunderstood. Thought she meant she had used it previously.

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