The Next Big List

Hi Team :wave: ,

I joined Monzo in the middle of delivering the big list, the amount of engagement on their MakingMonzo twitter account and the flurry of activity on the community was probably one of the main factors that convinced me to join.

Though since Big List deadline has come and gone there hasn’t been much engagement around a Big List 2.0.

So I guess my question is, whats the plan Monzo? :wink:


The idea of the big list was to button off some important aspects stopping people from going full Monzo.

As to whether they are making another one who knows. The monthly updates they provide are a good indication as to what’s going on:


Also… here is their announcement after the list finished and what their plans are now:


So in terms of raw engagement, the MakingMonzo Twitter account and The Big List is something that we can consider a huge success. As you mentioned, it was a big factor in your own decision to sign up @KyleRisi :grinning: :tada:

We’ve been thinking about how best to expand on that. One of the main things we identified was that our approach was a bit scattershot. We’ve had the MakingMonzo account, the Trello roadmap, the Sneak Peeks in-app, the email blast updates etc.

So the good news here is that Making Monzo is going to be the “new” branding for what’s hopefully going to be an all-inclusive, interactive, single source of truth for what we’re working on. We’ll be moving away from Trello, which seems to have outlived it’s usefulness, creating a Making Monzo subforum for discussion and feedback on everything we launch and are working on, and it’ll all be deeply linked within the app and the branding and design will all be consistent with email updates as well :grinning:

We’re looking forward to rolling all this out and making it clear that “Making Monzo” is where you’ll find our latest product updates and previews! No matter where, whether on social, or here, or in the app etc, you’ll see that name and design and you’ll know you’re in the right place and it should all be a lot more clear and cohesive!

So that’s what we’re doing there. Once that’s in place, it’ll be much easier for us to deliver the plans and previews of what we’re working on app-wise! See, that was one of the great benefits of The Big List - it being a single source of truth for everything we were working on and planning to deliver in that time period! :grinning:


Great to hear

Maybe I’ve got a bit jaded from experience, been a bit disappointed by claims of listening to feedback elsewhere, and been a tiny bit doubtful of actually how deep this ran in Monzo during my brief intermediate spell elsewhere before moving here full time, but consider me impressed

Not only keeping the communications open, but also keeping it consistent in branding, is really good stuff


If there was another big list, what would be everyone’s most wanted features?
In order of importance to you (1 being the thing you want most).

Mine would be:

  1. More flexibility to salary dates in Summary
  2. Interest on savings in pots
  3. Redesigned pots: option for a grid or a list, more pot images to choose from (or custom), % indicator of how close to goal you are.
  4. Summary: more category options, ability to split transaction between multiple catagories.
  5. Redesign payments tab completely. Including ability to save more than one name for the same sort code/ acc number to make paying multiple credit cards within the same banking group easier. Also ability to link a persistent reference to a payee instead of having to choose from recent drop down menu each time.

I’m sure ill see what others say then probably want to completely re-write my list haha.

I’m glad to hear this! It gets a bit annoying to trawl the forums for specific sneak peaks. Although I love it when a dev drops an early preview screenshot or posts some interesting plan it gets confusing (and easy to miss) when it’s halfway through a long thread. Subforum and updated OT’s :+1::+1:


Since Monzo has different squads of engineers working on different things, it would be cool to know what each squad is working on.

A page with a status for each feature in the pipeline would also be great. Statuses could be stuff like: “Redesign of payments tab” is “In design”, “Being worked on by app design squad 1”, “In internal testing”, “In labs”, “In negotiations with 3rd parties” etc…

You could also have Surprise features where you don’t tell us what you’re working on - we only know that a “Surprise Feature” is being worked on, which could create a nice bit of speculation on social media: “I wonder what Monzo’s new surprise feature is”.


It’ll turn into Apple Pay all over again if you tease surprise features. Every little thing being seized on as a sure sign the thing they want is imminent. Mini apples and position of stickers and feet :joy:


I’ve seen this done very well by Culture Code: who have in the past listed various projects - some secret:


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