How about The Big List 2 for 2019

2018 was a great year for Monzo. It was the transition period from beta prepaid card ~ to current account ~ action packed year with the big list and many features were released concurrently. I really hope Monzo can come with the Big List 2 for 2019 and polish up the features from 2018 + complete the features that were not released last year. :ok_hand:t4::crossed_fingers:t3::+1:t3: I miss that adrenaline rush from last year. Any thoughts guys …


The Big List 2 : Return Of The List

Yeah, The Big List was great! It sort of unified us all - staff and users - around a set of goals and it was energising for sure.

We’re twice as a big as a company now in terms of staff and organisationally more complex, so to do a second list would be a bit more of a challenge. Some people are working on things which are naturally longer term projects.

But let’s say we did it - what should be on it?


Pin code for the app? Whatever happened to that idea…


Investment intergration :eyes:


Finish the summary so that you can tell it how to treat income so budgets don’t fall over.

Add spending analytics so I can see how I’m doing vs last month and by merchant (we used to have merchant didn’t we?)

I’d say custom categories but I think I read they’re coming.

“Finish” the api. It still doesn’t have joint pots :neutral_face:


Pots with interest on it.
Improved budgeting & budget start dates


IFTTT triggers that are useful such as balance and salary

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Return of the list. Love that name. Hahaha


I remember at one point they were asking whether it should be numbers or emojis . I would love if they can come up with something unique. It will be useful especially when using Face ID in the bed and it doesn’t recognise my face half of the time. I have to reposition myself so that it can recognise my face before opening the Monzo app. It would be good to have a backup option with PIN ID or some sort of PIN recognition Monzo style like how they did it with 3D Secure.

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Joint account overdraft!


Make schedule payments to pots work like standing orders allowed to be edited instead of cancelled

28 days / 4 weekly scheduled payments to pots iOS

Notifications for not enough funds after 9am

IFTTT and overdrafts for JA

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Cashback. I went to one of the Monzo event last time. They did show about the trial of cash back in one of the power point slides but didn’t see any since then. Cashback via Monzo debit card will be so cool. Anything between 0.5-1% will be amazing :wink:


I’ve said it a million times before I’d half whatever I got with Monzo for the convenience factor.

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Same goes with shared pots with friends. For example if it’s a birthday party, everyone can contribute to that pot. I saw that in one of the slides during their presentation but till today it’s not out yet. These are the small things that makes Monzo unique. Really hope they can polish up all these ideas :bulb:

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Committed spending pot seems a good candidate

Has apparently gone down very well internally

Needs some heavy lifting to go public



LISA integration
Multiple Savings Pots
Committed Spending Pot
Bill split home (edit, delete old splits)
Summary 2.0
Pulse 2.0


Auto pot locking too

So my pot unlocks on 1st of every month funds transfer to main account 24hrs later pot auto locks until 1st of month again.

Like the scheduled payments you have scheduled pot locks :wink:

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Plus better payee names and management. At least would be able to add payee’s pic. It will be cool .

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This for iOS

Remove pulse

Make merchant logos actually work

Remove IFTTT and actually integrate within the app instead

Blur balance and spent today should you wish to show someone the app

Fix roundups as they do not take in to account things like the 1p savings challenge