Manage your money together with joint accounts!

Just giving a quick update here. We appreciate that lots of users would love to be able to use pots with their Joint Accounts…myself included! :wink: This is certainly a feature that will amplify the use of Joint Accounts for most people and make them a lot more useful for their intended day to day usage. You’ll be happy to hear that we are now working on pots for Joint Accounts as we speak! :tada: :muscle: I’ll keep you posted.


Got a ballpark eta? The Trello board has them as long-term goals.

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It’s too early to commit to an ETA as we are currently investigating exactly what work is involved; we will know more soon. However I can certainly tell you it’s not a long-term goal anymore! This is one of the current goals of my squad. :raised_hands: I’ll make sure the Trello board is updated.


I think it has been mentioned before that they don’t really update Trello anymore so I wouldn’t rely on that. They use the forums and @makingmonzo on twitter :slight_smile:


Ah ok. Would be good of them to put something to that effect on Trello, in that case (hint, hint, Monzo…)


I’ve found the post for you mate:

You’re right though, perhaps they should put a notice on Trello :thinking:


Thanks mate! :+1:

Thank you for updating us, eagerly awaiting the update.

Do you think it would be rolled out into Labs first?

Thanks for the question! I highly doubt we will be releasing Joint Account Pots into Labs first. Labs is what we currently use to experiment with new features and also to ensure they work before releasing them to a wider audience (and it’s not a certainty that Labs features will always be fully released). Pots currently exist on Current Accounts (to which customers express lots of positive feedback) and we simply wish to echo this feature on Joint Accounts, especially because it has been so requested by the community. I don’t believe that we would learn a lot from releasing this as a feature in Labs and it would also delay releasing it to all the other users who aren’t on Labs. Looking forward to seeing Joint Account Pots in peoples’ hands as soon as possible! :smile: :tada:


are we likely to get interest bearing pots on joint accounts ? or is that out of scope for your squad at the moment

Thanks @edwoollard, sorry to be a pain and chase but do you have a better idea for timelines for this yet? It’s the feature missing that preventing us going all in with Monzo. :+1:

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Same here, would love to see joint pots soon!

I’d love to see that, but I wonder if we’re any close to having account switching for joint accounts … would really love to know if this is getting any closer ? whats the latest on that, does anyone know ?

I’d love to go Full Monzo with my wife, but the lack of CASS from our existing joint account with another (spit!) bank makes this too much like hard work.

So, another vote for CASS with joint accounts please…


Just get them moved over manually :muscle: . It’s what we did and it was nowhere near as bad as we thought. 30 minutes tops. The majority you can change on your suppliers website and then there were just a few that needed calling. As soon as you ask for the billing department they panic and you go through straight away :rofl:

I did everything myself but if you both worked together you’d smash through it in no time.

Go on… You know you want to… :wink:


I moved ours over manually over the last couple of weeks. Was quite a lot of work as only three providers allowed me to change the DD details online, but it was worth the hassle.

Now just need pots and the ability to deposit cash (just in case).

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Yep very annoying issue

Took a couple of weeks for me as was busy with work at the time and had a decade of NatWest to pick apart. Well worth it though and feel like I have full control of my money now. Dare I say the manual switching really brough into focus my finances and was probably a good exercise for general financial well-being.


First proper week trying to go #PartialMonzo with our joint account (all day-to-day spending). I get paid weekly, and so we do our budget weekly. Being able to set up the Summary to be weekly, rather than monthly, would be amazing. The budgeting features look really handy, but don’t work for us at the moment.

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To be fair, I don’t actually use Yolt. I discovered Emma instead and it is excellent.