After The Big List - polishing existing features?

So we’re over halfway through The Big List - yay! :raised_hands:

I was having a think about what comes next. Now I’m sure that Monzo will delight us whatever they do, but I was wondering what the list might look like if they took a few months just to add some polish to existing features. A bit of a spring summer clean and spruce up around the place, if you like. And because, for me, most of the big stuff is done (or about to be done - looking at you, savings pots :heart_eyes: and IBANs :star_struck:!)

My list is below (I think / hope :crossed_fingers: some of these might be in the works already!):

  1. Better payee management - something like an address book per person which would enable you to beautify incoming / outgoing payments yourself, assign a photo / logo to each account with better reference management (I’d quite like to have myself as a contact then have the logo of whatever other bank I’m for savings etc when I transfer money between accounts, as well as harmonising the different ways that banks present my name (names are hard - who knew names were hard?)
  2. Better bank transfers - being able to tap on Bank Transfer in the Payments tab and being able to select someone you’ve paid before - that’s always catching me out!
  3. More granular API management. At the moment if you want to revoke API access from Monzo’s end you need to request it manually through chat in the app - and revocation means that all apps/clients need to be reauthorised - including the Monzo app :frowning:. I’d love :heart: the ability to be able to manage these from within the app.
  4. A redesigned settings page. It’s a bit jack o’all trades at the moment - this makes me sad. And it possibly needs some love to split out user settings from account settings - especially now folk can have two accounts…
  5. A new search!

So, just for fun, what would everyone’s list look like? Remember - improvements to existing stuff only! :smiley: :monzopride:


All the above and also displaying pots better. Especially on Android. I kinda hate how big the picture is, how small the amount and name are and that there is soo much scrolling.

Ideally I’d like to be able see a quick overview of all or most of my pots in one screen.

Pots should have more editable options once created too (recurring settings for example).


Market place and joint pots are my two I’m most excited for once the big list is done

Would also love to see virtual card numbers at some point too


Excited for embedded transactions (Coin Jar, maybe IFTTT), and bill splitting. I think most of these are coming in a week or two! Interest on pots!!! :fire:

Receiving international payments too and increased improvements to Summary or even more spending insights- including an itemised list in description eg. what you’ve spent on Amazon, something like including the flight booking reference that was added last month. Rich notifications, and just an overall clean-up in app


Hopefully they can revisit the whole app and rethink where menu options appear. Since the hamburger menu went it is not as user friendly.


Totally agree. I feel (as good as the app is) it was designed around the prepaid card and has somewhat outgrown that design/layout. The settings in particular have become a bit of a dumping ground; having a hierarchy of settings could possibly help.

Having a slide out/:hamburger: menu would make a account switching simple and accessible. Similar to how Gmail handles it.


Here’s why they got rid of the hamburger menu -

But the team’s well aware that the overall design of the app needs some work so they will improve on it :soon:


That’s interesting, thanks for linking to that. Makes sense. I can definitely see the advantages of the bottom nav (consistency with iOS being a big one). I assumed that android users would be familiar with the slide out nav, it’s a pretty common design pattern on the platform.


A new one from me: the ability to change the picture / icon for pots on Android!

Roundup Icon Not Matching Pot


1. Improvements to merchant data and feedback.

  • There’s a few really annoying bugs with merchant data (outlined here) that I’d love to see sorted.
  • Comments box when submitting merchant feedback so people can explain why they’re submitting the change.
  • List of ‘Feedback pending review’ somewhere in the app (maybe similar to the new Golden Tickets section) with the option to withdraw submissions.

2. Better banks statements.

  • Custom time periods for bank statements.
  • Statements for selected consecutive transactions in a day, including individual transactions.

3. Recurring Payments

  • Recurring notes for direct debits.
  • Choosing what time direct debits and standing orders are taken.

4. Pots

The above and:

  • Adding notes to pots (not pot transactions).
  • Automatic scheduled withdrawals from pots.
  • Reorder pots in Account tab.
  • More stock images and ability to add your own image.
  • Setting target dates for pot goals.

5. Payee management

The above (payee contacts) and:

  • Add payee without sending them money.
  • ‘Add Payee’ option for incoming faster payments.

6. Virtual cards for digital wallets.

  • So people can use Google/Apple Pay while waiting for their first or replacement cards.
    (claiming this is an improvement in Apple/Google Pay to justify putting it here!)

With the Big List’s 3 months coming to an end soon, just been having think about what I would like to see come next so here goes.

Interest on savings within a pot - Part of the Big List and probably coming very soon I’d imagine.
Improved Custom Start Dates for Summary - This was ticked of on the Big List but it hasn’t been fully completed yet in the eyes of most people. The ability to preset the date on which you’re going to be paid. I think Monzo should move away from the idea of a month towards the idea of a manual pay period. I would like to see the ability to select the dates of your expected future pay days (mine change if they fall on a weekend) maybe through the use of a calendar that pops up. To make budgeting more accurate it needs to be from pay day to pay day. Take this month for me for example. Last month I was paid on the 25th so it runs from the 25th to the 24th, however this month it will be the 24th so it needs to run from the 25th to the 23rd…
Custom Images on Pots - A big one for me.
Shared Pots - Not relevant personally but a big request for many couples.
Offsetting category spending with incoming transactions - A solution to the problem that everyone experiences where if you spend the full amount on a transaction and then your friend pays you back, you can’t offset the incoming amount on the amount applied to the category or your budget initially
Deposit Cash - Not crucial but would be nice. Looks like this a more medium term objective for Monzo.

Once these are all done, I would have all I personally need to manage my money as I want to within the app.
If I was Monzo I would focus on these areas. I get the feeling that they are working on a number of features that only work with Monzo users as an angle to increase growth, along with new golden tickets features. I would argue that if they just improved the app in these areas, there would be no reason not to recommend Monzo to others, increasing organic growth. Monzo could then focus on improving features that work only with Monzo users.


I’d really like to see the existing search system fixed. It’s incredibly difficult to use currently - if you’re typing plain text to search, it often tries to convert it into a “pill” item which is wrong. Clicking from a transaction to see others with the same merchants virtually never works. Etc


I recently completed some remote user research for Monzo regarding the redesign of the accounts section in relation to the settings and where we would expect to find stuff, so it seems this is in the works :eyes:


Think that was sent to everyone who signed up for that research thing. It wasn’t easy :exploding_head:


It took me longer than they said it would :sweat_smile:


It only took me a few minutes - I thought it best to do it quickly on first impressions than over think it… (Probably a fail)

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Probably the best approach as it’s supposed to be intuitive to customers. I overthought things and it ended with much swearing and pacing and cups of tea


These decisions are more difficult than they sound, aren’t they?

I think I might have left a comment to say that I wasn’t sure that the separate buckets they were asking us to sort into were actually the right ones. Be interesting to see what the research reveals - it’d make a great blog post!

Yeah I wasn’t too sure on how many groups I should have either ( I felt like I had too many) but there is no wrong answer. It appeared to work out.

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Aw, I seemed to have missed out on that.