Monzo outage/delay? - 17/03/2023

Either the feed is not updating on iOS (could be Android too) or I don’t seem to be able to move money from a pot to my main balance.

Also can’t seem to make an out going payment either…

Anyone else have issues?

Bet my the time I’ve written this, its all working correctly :face_with_peeking_eye:


Fine for me. Just moved some money out of it and back into a pot to test.

All good here. Try tapping harder.

Edit: Actually actually - I withdrew from a pot fine and the balances updated, but the withdrawal isn’t going on to my feed.


Yep I can see the balance is updating fast now (it wasn’t when I wrote this) but the feed hasn’t updated yet / there is a few minutes delay


The items are on my feed now. Guessing there’s a 4pm get-paid-early slowdown.

I had the same issue at 4 when claiming a payment! Snails pace but all good now!


ah didn’t think of that - could be
imagine the number of people that would get it today would be small? Who gets paid on a Monday in the middle of the month :man_shrugging:

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I had that earlier. Pulled down some money but it stilled showed as coming soon for a while.