Slow update on pot transactions

(Steven Joyce) #1

Hi there just to let you guys now that when you movie money from a pot it takes a good 10 sec to update the change on the pots. And it even takes a a good bit of time before it showed in
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(MikeF) #2

10s is slow??? After a couple of minutes I may start to wonder whether anything was happening but 10s to ripple from my phone, round the internals of a bank and back out to my device really, really doesn’t strike me as slow.


Oh crikey, for an online real time app, 10 seconds definitely is slow! 10ns is more like it :wink:

On a serious point, I’ve made double transfers before because it’s laggy, then had to correct :pensive:.

(Android user here btw).

(Hugh Wells) #4

:grimacing: Sorry about this!

It is usually caused by your transaction getting caught up in a queue for a backlogged service along the line. I’ll pass it on so we can make sure there is more capacity in the services where it’s needed - unfortunately it is an issue with a rapidly scaling customer base but we’re doing our best (with load testing) to pre-empt these issues.

(Steven Joyce) #5

Lol it dose make you think you cash has disappeared for a few seconds lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Yay, thanks Hugh! :raised_hands:

(Steven Joyce) #8

No probs. Cheers for the info Hugh

(Change Works) #9

Yes. Until I read this thread, I thought that it just didn’t happen until after I’d gone back to the transaction feed.

An FPS transfer can arrive into Monzo quicker than moving money to/from a pot?

Glad it’s being looked at, though.

(MikeF) #10

I’m still in the place where anything faster than ‘next day’ is magical in banking. :grinning: