The Monzo Roadmap


Just noticed on the roadmap that it references to ‘Mondonauts’, should this now be changed to ‘Monzonauts’? :monzo:

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(Alex Sherwood) #22

I guess so :thumbsup:

Image from @monzonauts on Twitter @monzonaut



Awesome. Hopefully, @tristan could change it? #Monzonauts



How about fingerprint support for android? That doesn’t appear to be in the road map.


(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #25

+1 for that!

It would be fantastic as more and more Android phones seem to be supporting this feature :slight_smile:
Saves trying to remember yet another different secure password/pin :smiley:

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(Christopher J. Sladdin) #26

Just a quick question for @hugo, @tristan or someone else on the team; there’s currently a lot of Android focus on the roadmap for the next three months but I can’t believe that you guys aren’t working on plenty of stuff for iOS as well. Can you detail what is going on to improve the iOS product for users on this platform?

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iOS app is already streets ahead of Android and these developments in the Roadmap are to enable Android users to catch up with iOS


(Christopher J. Sladdin) #28

Completely understand - just don’t feel it is a good idea to let the iOS app slump in terms of ongoing development and new features as it is currently world leading but it doesn’t take long for other challengers to catch up.



If they were to continue focusing on iOS before Android has caught up it would just continue the existing disparity between the iOS app and Android app, ensuring Android users remain 2nd Class citizens in the Monzo world. Also Monzo have other things to focus on since getting the bank license, and plans for further fund raising. Hopefully when Monzo go to advance further with iOS it will be hand in hand with a great Android app that has finally caught up. But lets keep it that way and not let Android fall back again after catching up. Focus on all customers not just iOS ones.

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(Ben Green) #30

Entirely willing to be corrected here, but Monzo do have a dedicated iOS team, as well as dedicated Android team, AFAIK.



Thanks Ben for that info

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Personally, I would much rather the Android app gets brought up to the same level as iOS whilst everyone free on the team work toward getting the full banking license.

This coming from a 100% iOS user.


(Alex Sherwood) #33

Both request money & bill splitting are iOS features & bill splitting is a pretty major one so I would have thought that’s enough to keep the iOS team busy for the next few months?


(Tristan Thomas) #34

Don’t worry, we’re still going strong on iOS too! Request money and bill splitting are pretty vague and encompass a huge selection of upcoming features :slight_smile: I’ll find some time to split them out and be more detailed with a few sneak peeks…


Send Money Improvements 2
(Christopher J. Sladdin) #35

Good to hear @tristan - looking forward to seeing the features split out on Trello and the improvements to both the Android and iOS apps in the near future. In the meantime, I’m sure plenty of us will keep you guys busy with more new feature suggestions to add to the timeline!


(Daz Gordon) #36

Awesome news @tristan. I’m new to the forum, but love what is happening with Monzo.


(Daz Gordon) #37

Hey look, I can inline reply to my own comment :slight_smile:


(Tom Satterthwaite) #38

Couple of suggestions

  • could categories have a setting to enable overused or unused budget to rollover, e.g. To allow holiday budget to work on an annual basis (or simply assign an annual budget

  • could you either create categories or have a few prebuilt user defined categories which can be relabelled

Great work otherwise though. I just also want to see the commitment to ethical banking - what is unsecured overdraft to private individuals btw?? Sounds like a euphemism!



To me that an overdraft not secured on property or an asset like a car and it for personal accpunts but not business accounts


(Harvey) #40

I just got my card and used it for the first time, works fine transactions come up straight away and I like how it shows your spend history and category, road map looks interesting too.

Other things I like too see, multi currency wallet so you can hold money in dollars/euro/pound.

Send money/requesting to normal bank accounts/Paypal/Revolut would open it up a bit more.

Change pin within the app.

I like idea of list ATM you can use per country when arrive, maybe it gives you a break down of free ones and ones to avoid, be good to show MasterCard rate against other cards or banks.

Looking forward to the bank account too!

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