Are we now Monzonauts...? Or something else

(Bailey Kursar) #1
  • Yep, we’re Monzonauts! :rocket:
  • No, it doesn’t sound right… I’ll put my suggestion in this thread :wink:

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The Monzo Roadmap
How startup bank Monzo is using a community-based marketing approach
(Josh Bray) #2

I think that people who joined before Monzo should be something related to mondo and the ones after should be a monzonaut

(Saveen) #3

Hey, meet Monzo the Monzter! (aka: Monzo McMonzoface)

He thinks we should definitely be called ‘Monzters’ :wink:

(Ben Green) #4

Monzo McMonzoface has the best idea. I vote for him as Monzo Mazcot and Monzters as our new name.


Got to be the Monzoids. Especially those on Android.

(Leon) #6

Monzoids sound good to me.


Monzoids sounds like Monzo with hemorrhoids :slight_smile:


Monzters gets my vote

(Leon) #9

Lol well now you put it like that…!

(Matt) #10

Been saying it since day one! We’re Monzoids now! haha