Are we now Monzonauts...? Or something else

  • Yep, we’re Monzonauts! :rocket:
  • No, it doesn’t sound right… I’ll put my suggestion in this thread :wink:

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I think that people who joined before Monzo should be something related to mondo and the ones after should be a monzonaut

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Hey, meet Monzo the Monzter! (aka: Monzo McMonzoface)

He thinks we should definitely be called ‘Monzters’ :wink:


Monzo McMonzoface has the best idea. I vote for him as Monzo Mazcot and Monzters as our new name.

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Got to be the Monzoids. Especially those on Android.


Monzoids sound good to me.


Monzoids sounds like Monzo with hemorrhoids :slight_smile:

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Monzters gets my vote


Lol well now you put it like that…!

Been saying it since day one! We’re Monzoids now! haha

Hi everyone

I am Dax, and fairly new to Monzo, and new to the UK in fact. Monzo has made my life a lot easier because it’s so difficult to open a bank account here without proof of address. The only thing more difficult than opening a bank account is getting proof of address when you’ve just moved here!

Being a fan, I thought we needed a name for fans of Monzo. My suggestion is that we call ourselves

MONZTERS :slight_smile:

If you agree, like this topic, or if you have a better idea, add it as a comment.

Stay bright!

You’re only a Monzonaut if you work for Monzo :wink:

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There’s been a bit of chatter about this previously so I’ve gone and merged the threads together, hope you don’t mind :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing that post. I did search the forums for ‘monzters’ but nothing came up. I see that I am very late to the party! :confused:

Moving on…

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Not a problem :smiley:

i disagree - in the early days Monzonauts were anyone using Monzo. So I’m sticking with that :eyes:


For the long time users I’m sure it’s still an accepted term :wink:


A Monzonaut is a Monzo user, not staff member!

Someone at Monzo (who probably joined them after “Mondonaut” was an established phrase to describe users and therefore perhaps misunderstood) spoke about the “Monzonaut” staff being there to help customers and everyone was like whaaat?

I think it was in one of the staff Q&As where this horrible misunderstanding occurred.

So fear not fellow monzonauts - we are still a recognised people and are not just customers :wink:

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Oh snap! I was beaten to it with an actual quote by jack.

So @Rika who decided that we are no longer monzonauts? Was it a grand meeting of the “no homers” society?

This is just nonesense!