The Monzo app is changing: we've had a makeover!

In all fairness they didn’t specify a popper month or year for that Tuesday

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While that may be the case it doesn’t really solve the problem for those who find the new nav unintuitive.
Maybe where Monzo have drawn the line for their owne staisfaction needs to be adjusted maybe it doesn’t, maybe you’re happy to take what they say at face value but while I know and understand why they’ve made the changes I don’t find the new nav to intuitive at all.

They have taken feedback on the small things but the new layout was pretty much set in stone from the start.


Sorry, I must have missed that. Last I saw they said Friday.

They’ve been running analytics on ‘new user’ of the new design for months to demonstrate to their own satisfaction that the ‘discoverability’ of the feature set is at least as good as with the pre-existing UI

Removed because I was wrong

Further, when it comes data and statistics where humans are involved, it’d be foolish to rely purely on that data and not take in to account human emotion. For example, someone can use something perfectly, it doesn’t mean they enjoy using it.

As for me, and I’ve said this already, I don’t like it. I can use it fine, but I don’t enjoy using it and I don’t think I’ll ever enjoy using it in it’s current form especially when it’s purpose was to add more things to it. That’s fine, the app just isn’t for me, so I’m trying out alternatives.

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Nah, the stats are from new users who they gave the new look to automatically.

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That’s wrong I’m afraid and you shouldn’t jump to conclusions without the facts. The pre-rollout included months of testing with brand new users, I think (iirc) 100,000 people tested it prior to go launch, a mixture of labs community and new.


Fair enough, I stand corrected.


Wow I absolutely love the new app redesign!!! Keep it up monzo :raised_hands::heart:


Hi Brad

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I agree, they definitely use the data, but I haven’t seen what data they collect so pretty hard to say if they are measuring if people find the pull down to view all accounts gesture or not, for example :man_shrugging: So I can only go on what people are saying. Personally I like a lot of the new UI, but just think some things are more workarounds rather than proper solutions and are therefore hidden or not obvious. I know about the pull down gesture, but I still have to think every time to use it rather it just being a natural progression in the app.

New design is OK for me but a big Yes to this.


That doesn’t really solve the issue that they are separate accounts and should be separated as such.

If we have to apply workarounds, what exactly are we gaining from any service we sign up for?

I may be missing something here, but is it possible to?

  1. Sort the order of my pots? I don’t necessarily create them in the order of importance and as my life goals change that order changes too. Being able to move them around, rather than having to re-create them all from scratch seems far more user-friendly surely?
  2. Bank transfer (not talking direct debit here) directly out of a pot? It slows down the progress to have to manually move money out of a pot and then bank transfer it (for instance, my credit card has a direct debit from a pot, but if I want to make an additional payment to my credit card from that pot - but it seems I have to manually move the money to my current account first).
  3. A wish list item: when I go out, I might want all payments to default to coming from a pot (“Drinking”, “Recreation” etc). Would be good if I could set a pot to be my current account.

Data on how quick people are reaching features is all well and good, but it doesnt measure how useful they find those features

I can get to the pages i need, but im not impressed with them

Did you sign up for split accounts in different apps specifically? I didn’t.

But I understand the current app/account structure and how your personal situation could cause such an unwanted situation - hence my workaround suggestion to help it stop happening for you in the future, before any changes to the app in this area are made. But it is clearly a lack of attention with identically named pots in 2 different accounts which caused the issue in this case.

If you feel it is still an issue, please relay your wish for unlinked (in the app) accounts to Monzo via in-app chat.

Lack of attention? They are pots in separate accounts, therefore shouldn’t need pot names that display the account they are from. You seem to be thinking i want the accounts to appear more separate purely because of this example, thats not the case. I already expressed a desire for the personal and joint accounts to be more separated within the app in the feedback forums, i dont think every bit of app feedback should be given through in app chat like you suggest, that would be a waste of customer service time.

Im not sure what you’re getting at with your first question, i signed up for a personal account before joint accounts were available, then when joint accounts became available, my wife and i got one, finding it very useful. It was clear which account you were dealing with at all times. Only in the bew nav does it appear more integrated, which might suit some, but it doesnt suit me, which is i why i gave the feedback

Same here. Trying B at moment. Looks good so far and does cheque imaging too.

Stop it. It’s becoming stooge-ey, 4 of your last 5 posts. Don’t become the Zeux person.


Ooh, sorreeey!