No app update?

I have the latest version of the app but still the old layout. I have an iPhone XS Max.

I think the original plan was by friday but that might have been pushed back



Why no communication from Monzo on this? I have it but my wife doesn’t and it’s causing marital tensions! :innocent:

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It’s the weekend. Don’t think I’ve seen any staff around since Friday

You could ask on Twitter

Hiya - I didn’t mean right now but over the past week so many people have asked on the forum but no “official” answer that’s all :sweat_smile:

3 days ago

Did somebody say… Staff? :grin:

The final rollout was going to be Friday but I believe the plan is to get everyone onto the new design by Tuesday :blush:


Yes but it’s Sunday…

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Hello stranger :wave:

Was it slowed by the Salary Sorter issues or were there extra customer service demands :thinking:

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Do you have a business account? If so it won’t be done right away as they need to be compatible.

I believe we slowed it down a bit while we were having some other issues :slight_smile: but now that’s all over and done with, it’s full speed ahead :yum:


How do you know when your app has been updated to the new version? I’ve always been on the new design as I only joined a month ago and had the new design toggled on Labs, but Bills pots are still toggled on my labs at the moment, I thought this was a feature already implemented in the new app version and shouldn’t be on Labs anymore? Does this mean I haven’t been switched yet to the actual new version? I’m on the latest 3.0 update

If your app has a graph at the top of the transaction page then you are on the old version.

As said above they are rolling out the new version to old customers in stages.

My app never has a graph on top because I’ve been on the new design since I’ve started, I just find it odd Bills pots still shows as a Labs feature on my app, I also don’t have salary sorter and never had it (but I know they removed that for a while because of the problems)

I’ve also got the bill bots as a lab feature.

Salary sorter is back at least for some people. Try clicking on Your wages if you got paid within the last few days.

I know that a few weeks ago they said that work needed to be done to integrate the business accounts, and that it hadn’t been done so that they could only do that integration once, but the message also said that it was a simple integration to do, and I saw no later indication that this had been held up in any way; did you see another post that I’m missing?

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Thanks for that. I’m not surprised, lol.

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