The Monzo app is changing: we've had a makeover!

In conclusion:

  • It’s terrible because it does not look like other apps
  • It’s terrible because it looks like other apps
  • It’s terrible because it looks new
  • It’s terrible because it looks old
  • It’s terrible because it never opens at the same screen
  • It’s terrible because it opens at the same screen
  • It’s terrible because someone else works in UX

Covered them all? :grin:


You forgot it’s terrible because it’s too white and there’s no dark mode


Ah yes, my bad. And too dark to see as well :soon:

Way to ignore all the constructive criticism and genuine complaints :+1:

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Could hardly ignore them when collating them

Merely highlighting how preposterously divided and contradictory opinion is on seemingly every point


Turns out there were some bigger implications in this piece of work. It’s still underway, but for now business account users will have to wait a bit longer.


Better then the feedback I’ve been collating on the Savings Squad page.

‘I don’t like it’


‘Because it’s shit!’


these things should always be given a “cooling off” period before definitive judgement. I liken it to when my wife comes home from the hairdresser and spends an hour saying “not sure if I like it” :rofl:

Admittedly I haven’t seen it yet, and hopefully there aren’t too many valuable elements deprecated (in the Monzo app, not my wife’s hair)


This is in the next release you’ll get on Monday or so.


Been using it more today and I have to say navigating is awful. I’m not sure who mapped this out but they need a seriously good look at themselves. There’s way too many things to click on.

Also when I’m scrolling through my balance it would be really helpful to be able to see a timeline of my spending. I appreciate the graph isn’t coming back, and it doesn’t need to. But I feel I should be able to see my balance going up and down with each spend. Please please please bring it back!!!


There’s way too many things to click on.

Agree with this. It’s way too cluttered for my liking. I’m a big fan of minimalist design so maybe this rework isn’t really aimed at users like me. I just find myself frustrated using it.


I find myself not using it, beyond trying to figure out what the point of the new nav is i find myself coming straight to the forum instead to see if others are as disappointed as i am


The point is that the old application structure made it very difficult to add in new pillars whereas the new navigation allows that

Want to import your credit card? It can live alongside your joint account or business account or other card or loan or bill pot or whatever

All top level, all able to be supported fully. Example would be a transaction list for credit card or hill pot

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The functionality doesn’t actually seem to have changed. The home screen is a step backwards, terrible scrolling, poor summary compared to the previous version, too bright, doesn’t seem to add anything and looks far worse. Maybe I m missing something but 4 of us in the family all thinks it’s worse, not better.


I get that, but for me, its scrapping the features that set it apart for the sake of whatever comes next.

Prefer the new stuff not to be at the expense of the most useful things in the app

Loving ur pot images, can you upload them to here so i use some of them ?

Every feature apart from the generally disliked graph is still there. That was a major design goal, no feature drop-off. What are you missing otherwise?

As per my previous comment, the intention of the team was not to change the functionality, just to restructure and leave the skeleton for other teams to build on further, so in some ways that is a backhanded complement for their work

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This is what ive posted elsewhere (and probably further up here somewhere)

My thoughts

The summary, which is by far the biggest feature monzo has to help manage spending, feels like its now an after thought, to get to it, im basically exiting the new look and going to the original summary screen. I want it to be central to my app

Joint account. It feels like just another account/pot on the scroll list, whether its scrolling sideways through the accounts or scrolling down the overview of accounts/pots. Its for different spending, i want it to be separate.

Pots. They now feel like accounts rather than pots, i want them out of view. Comparing it physically, i wouldnt separate cash out to different wallets and then take all those wallets everywhere with me. Pots are supposed to be out of the way, not alongside my main balance.

I wasnt sure about the new look at first but thought id get used to it, now ive had a think about what i want the app to do, the revamp has pretty much undone the benefits I liked about pots, joint account and summary

I’ll be honest, I’ve been trying out Starlings app as an alternative as of Wednesday and I’m preferring it much more at present. I won’t go in to details, but the differences for me are stark in terms of the experience using them.

I’ll keep Monzo around for my existing scheduled bills for now and see if I can’t learn to like the changes, but for every day use I think i’ll find myself using Starling for a while and see how I feel about both in a few months.