The money I’ve sent from my Monzo account have not been received by the other bank

Hi all,

I don’t know how to reach Monzo customer service so I’ll write my issue here. My agency sustains that they have not received my rent. But my Monzo account clearly shows that the money have been sent. This sounds a a standing order so the money we’re sent to the same account details for the last 17 months. Is there any chance Monzo lost my money? How can I track the money? And why does it appear transferred if the other Hank does not seem to have received it? It’s been more than 6 days.

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You can contact support by going to the help section, searching for “contact” and then selecting “Contacting Us”

You’d could also go to the bottom of the transaction of the money you sent and selecting “Something wrong? Get help”

But Monzo has not lost your money. It has sent it where you told it to send it. Did you edit the standing order for any reason? Triple check the details, it’s exactly the same as all the other times?

You can ask Monzo for a TRA reference, this is what banks use to trace payments in the internal system. I would guess the money has been received and the agency aren’t doing their job properly.