I haven't received my payment

The payment was sent to me yesterday but i still haven’t received the payment. What do I have to do?

Contact the person and or bank that the payment was made from.


If this is a transfer to or from Monzo, you’ll need to contact them in app or at help@Monzo.com.

You might need to give them some more info, though! :slight_smile:

(we can’t help you here I’m afraid. We’re not Monzo staff)


maybe they put the sort code wrong that tends to happen a lot

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Is it an international payment? Faster Payment System? BACS?

As others have said, contact the person who sent it to make sure the details are correct, and if they are, then contact Monzo.

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It’s actually better to contact the sending bank first, because as soon as we receive a payment it gets applied to your account.

If they’re insistent that it has been sent, a Transaction Reference Number (18 digit unique reference) may help us locate the payment if it has been sent.


Thank you for your replies!!
The problem was solved!
Thanks a lot


Glad you got it sorted. What was the issue in the end?

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