The Little Things

(Herp Derp) #1

Over the last few weeks/months it seems to me that Monzo are just failing in relation to the upkeep of the smaller parts of the app to the point it’s just getting silly as all the things that are wrong are what worked well before.

Below are a few examples that I have been having and now one that has happened today that probably has happened on a few other merchants that I might have not noticed.

The first one is notifications


Here it says there are 3 transactions that have taken place but open the app there is only two.

How and why does it think there are 3??

The next is this:

Finally they have worked out how to separate Uber Eats from Uber and now it shows 5 transactions however click on 5 and it fails to bring anything up and it has spelt the word eats wrong.

The next one is this

Who and why did someone decide to change this to O365? Ok I get it as that is what it was for BUT what about all my other payments to Microsoft now? Why should I have to now search for two things, if Monzo now know that this was O365 why not just bulk change the lot?

Also now leads me to my next question that myself and basically everyone asks, why was this changed so quickly when I have loads that need to be changed and have been waiting for months and submitted the same ones multiple times?

And for a laugh and an example, just look at the logos… where is the continuity?

It’s just feeling all to sloppy now tbh.

Discussion: Quality Assurance within Monzo
(Daniel White) #2

I was going to post something similar about app updates earlier and then forgot.

An example of this I have is this:

I submitted both the name updates and submitted a logo update. The logo was updated straight away more or less, but the terrible name has remained!?!

Also I submitted a couple at the same time earlier this week, one has been done the other hasn’t

This should be a JET Petrol Station.

Do logo updates get priority over name updates or something? I only submitted the name for the JET because I assume you already have a logo and you basically put them under the others?

(Herp Derp) #3

No idea but I updated just address on this and it was changed but clearly whoever did it thought that an exact address was wrong so put somewhere first :roll_eyes:

(Daniel White) #4

I’ve never understood what triggers the “somewhere in” or “somewhere near” prefixes either!

(Herp Derp) #5

I would have thought if the address wasn’t correct but clearly I must be wrong given the address I put was complete and correct.


A little house cleaning would be nice. It would be great if after the Making Monzo Big List is complete or when resources are freed up some time could be spent on these sorta things.

I think beautifying transaction data definitely needs a good overhaul/update with focus on allowing it to make use of volunteers/crowdsourcing.

Monzo’s just gonna get bigger and it’ll get even harder for COps to stay on top of applying logos and stuff.